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ichard Mille’s RM26-01 joins a trend of
appeal for theChinese andAsianmarkets.
The new model features a glistening panda
surrounded by bamboo trees. Limited to 30 pieces
in an 18 karat white or red gold gem-set case, this
meticulously crafted timepiece features a manual
winding tourbillonmovement with hours, minutes
and power reserve.
The panda traditionally lived in the mountainous
regions and plains of mid-west and south-west
China. Now a protected species, they can be found
in the mountainous regions of the provinces of
Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu in central China. The
giant Panda is emblematic of China and is
considered a national treasure by the Chinese
people. It’s a very appealing animal and represents
innocence and friendship. It’s also the universal
symbol for peace. The white gold Panda at the heart
of the RM26-01 is set with diamonds and black
sapphires. The tourbillon movement is an integral
part of the Panda which is happily situated in his
bamboo forest of yellow gold, the leaves and stems
of which are engraved and painted entirely by hand.
Many long hours of delicate and finely detailed
work have been applied in the creation of these
exceptional pieces. In the world of horology, the case
of RichardMille watches is widely considered to be
the most difficult to manufacture. The tripartite
tonneau-shaped case is fully curved, which enables
the watch to be ergonomic and comfortable but is
time-consuming during its production and requires
a high level of quality control.
The new RM26-01 tourbillon calibre is equipped
with a baseplatemachined fromblackOnyx, which
is said to absorb negative energy and bring great
emotional stability to the wearer. BlackOnyx is thus
considered to protect against negative thoughts and
incarnate balance and inspiration. An artistic and
imaginative feat, this symbiosis between fine
watchmaking and fine jewellery will delight anyone
with a fondness for pandas.