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Aqua Swing
The Omega Aqua Swing collection
reinterprets the iconic identity of the wave of
the Aqua line: the symbolic wave has given
birth to an incredible range of combinations
that allow each wearer to create a unique
model and to make her ring ‘swing’ as it
were. This nearly endless number of
possibilities is the result of the generous
choice of dimensions and materials. Crafted
in 18 karat yellow, pink or white gold, and
polished or set with diamonds, the Aqua
Swing collection also offers two other
compelling options: white or black ceramic.
Ceramic is a high-techmaterial that has long
been appreciated for its lightweight feel, its
scratch resistance and its durability. The
incredible variety in the Aqua Swing line
comes from the ability to create
combinations with different widths, with
more or less sparkle, with one colour or with
several that complement each other perfectly.
The ring has powerful emotional symbolism
and solemn moments, such as an
engagement or a marriage, are opportunities
to adopt the purity and the sobriety of the
style of the line. This collection can be
adapted to work perfectly as a wedding ring.
Omega’s iconic Aqua fine jewellery line
traces its origins equally to the brand’s long
connection to water and to the jewellery that
has been an important part of its history and
heritage. These pieces, with their marine
theme, fittingly take the name of ‘Aqua’ and
have a place of privilege in the fine jewellery
collection. Crafted in 18 karat white, yellow
or red gold, either polished or set with
diamonds, this collection is represented by
rings in several widths, allowing the wearer
to determine how prominent the ring should
be. It’s a smart move by Omega as this
selection of widths means that the rings will
meet the needs of any potential customer.
The simplicity of the line also makes it
attractive to many different types of wearers.
Available in a large size in some models, this
collection has the added advantage that it can
also be chosen as a jewel of commitment.
Aqua Swing