ith the Melody of Colours collection, Gruosi brings his jewellery to life in
the language he knows best, the language of radiant gemstones. Gruosi
displays a sensitivity in his creations that cannot be taught, only felt.
The choice of gemstones iswhere it all begins. Each gemis chosen for its individual beauty
its colour, light and intensity – regardless of its price or prestige. Notice how fine stones
mingle with exemplary gems with no concern for perceived hierarchy. Brown diamonds
are set next to coral and amethysts; turquoise is married with emeralds and rubies; while
cabochons full of interesting inclusions are surrounded by glorious coloured diamonds.
This is the kind of daring that has elevated de Grisogono to such celebrated status.
And it isn’t only the combination of gemstones that delights and surprises, but also the
mix of colours. Gruosi loves to work withmatching tones, such as brown diamonds on
brown gold, or black diamonds against blackened gold, but he also adores breaking all the
browns and aquamarines.
The beauty of de Grisogono jewellery goes beyond what the eye can see. Turn
over any jewel – whether a ring, a necklace, or a pair of earrings – and you’ll notice
the workmanship that goes into each and every surface. Each de Grisogono
creation is the result of countless hours of high-precision craftsmanship carried
out by the brand’s goldsmiths, gemsetters and craftsmen, who take the time they
need to translate the designs into the most sublime creations. This is all part of de
Grisogono’s quest for excellence and perfection, and there are no limits on the
journey to the final masterpiece.
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