ery rarely in the world of fashion does a product become
so globally important, so universally admired and desired,
that iconic status is achieved. The finely crafted Cruciani
macramé lace bracelet is today’s fashion marvel. Since being
released in August 2011, these beautifully crocheted Cruciani
four leaf clover bracelets have become the hottest fashion
accessory on the planet. A true socio-economic phenomenon,
the brand has now expanded and developed concept Cruciani C
stores that sell a wide range of the bracelets and other accessories.
There is a long waiting list for these store openings all over the
world. There are currently two flagship Cruciani C stores in
Milan, with further openings in Verona, Taormina, Capri, Forte
dei Marmi, Milan, Palma de Majorca, Madrid, Dubai, Seoul,
Monza, Rome, Bormio, Palermo, Beirut, Istanbul, Paris, New
York, Shanghai and of course, Abu Dhabi.
This June, the bracelets will mark their second anniversary, and
yet more than 10,000,000 have already been sold. This kind of
aspirational magic that is infused within a product is the stuff of
wonder. How such a global success occurs is a mystery, but what
is sure is that there is generally authenticity, quality and a
significant history behind the triumph.
This is certainly the case with Cruciani. The company was
founded in 1992 by the Italian businessman, Luca Caprai. His
father, ArnaldoCaprai, an important player in the linen and home
textiles industry, had been producing cashmere knitwear with
modern wearability. But despite his initial passion for such
sumptuous andwarmknitwear, Luca Caprai wanted to specialise
in ultra-thin clothes and materials that are “impossible to make
by hand”. To create this Caprai invested considerably in highly
advanced technology. His venture proved successful and his
special knits continue to record substantial sales. This became his
specialty, something that runs in the family. As he says, “In my
family we’re all specialists: I onlymake sweaters, my brother only
makes wine, my father only makes lace now, his passion... “
But Cruciani has recently broadened his expertise beyond
his beloved sweaters and his company now produces
a wide range of products to provide a total look.
The Cruciani Collection has been rounded
out with a line of leather goods for women
tailored garments such as jackets,
suits, trousers, shirts and
outerwear, and an initial
offering of footwear.
Cruciani –TheEvolution
TheCruciani bracelet is themost hotly
desired fashion accessory of its generation.
Jordana Lynch speaks to theCruciani
founder, LucaCaprai, about the alchemy
of a global fashionmust-have.
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Luca Caprai - Photogrpahy By Maria Teresa Furnari
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