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Luca Caprai says Cruciani is already well into its programme of upgrading for
the men’s, women’s and accessories collections. The company is planning, in
the short term, to become a brandwith amore powerful stylistic identity, so that
clients will increasingly see Cruciani as an international brand that offers them
a wider, more diversified range of products.
The most visible emblem of this diversification process is undoubtedly the lace
jewellery line of bracelets. The four-leaf clover bracelet started out as a somewhat
playful experiment in communicatingCruciani to a young and increasinglywell-
informed and demanding public. Caprai believed that lace might have seemed
conceptually distant from the passions of modern day life, but that it actually
encapsulated many elements of Italian culture and traditions.
The bracelets are only produced in Caprai’s home country and they bear the
prestige that comes with such worldwide respected heritage. ‘Made in Italy’ still
commands enormous global respect and high costs are justified by the extreme
specialisation of the industry operators. The companies that are classified as 100
per cent ‘Made in Italy’ still meticulously monitor their production processes
down to the smallest details to ensure the end customer gets a truly precious,
indeed unique object of craftsmanship.
Now thesemust-have Cruciani bracelets are emblems of the brand’s philosophy
and vitality.
As Luca Caprai likes to say, “Life is a series of crossroads: you find yourself
making sweaters because roads going in different directions led you to it”. Roads
that cross Italy, from Umbria to Le Marche and Salerno, where the family
businesses produce Cruciani, a product made only in Italy using both manual
techniques and high-tech looms.