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Caprai runs his rapidly expanding business with the precise aim of
conveying his values and family culture through amessage of excellence.
His firm objective is to achieve production of garments that meet the
needs and demands of all markets whilst maintaining the highest possible
levels of craftsmanship and quality. Excellence is the credo. For Caprai,
wearing a Cruciani garment, whether in Milan or New York, Moscow,
Tokyo or Dubai, means enjoying maximum quality, with no tricks or
compromises. Every single Cruciani product conveys a series of values
that are immediately perceivable. It stands out as something different
and distinctive.
Wearing a Cruciani garment means appreciating the product’s qualities
and the philosophy inherent in its craftsmanship. It takes four hours to
make a Cruciani garment. The same amount of attention is paid to the
quality controls that are then carried out on it.
When I met with Luca Caprai to discuss the growth of his company and
the cult status of his bracelets, he shared his principles and inspirations
behind Cruciani. His biggest influence? “My father, definitely. I’ve
worked several years alongside him in his own company (Arnaldo
Caprai, Gruppo Tessile) developing a real passion for marketing. Then
I felt the need to do something by myself, but always keeping in mind
what my father taught me.”
As for the direction behind the brand Caprai says, “Well, we always
research the highest quality materials, which creates the excellence in
everything we propose. In both themen andwomen’s collections, along
with our bracelets, this represents the artistry and originality of my
father’s company, with the added know-how of the Cruciani brand.”
Caprai is open and very friendly, pleased to talk about the fortunes of his
company. Unsurprisingly, he underlines the essential aspects of quality
and heritage in being a ‘Made in Italy’ company. “We choose only the
best materials in order to guarantee high quality in all our products,
otherwise I couldn’t do anything effectively. This really is what sets us
apart from others. Made in Italy means quality, research and tradition.
In a moment so delicate for the economy, people are very careful how
they spend money, they want the best and this is what we offer. We
always offer the best”.
With regard to whether this craze for Cruciani bracelets has been driven
by women, Caprai points out that they are actually unisex and
undoubtedly appeal to men and also kids, “Everyone could wear our
bracelets: men, women, children, even pets! And they can choose
betweenmany designs and colours. For example Psy, the Korean rapper
famous for his song “Gangnam Style”, wears our bracelets every day.
Our ‘You Star’ bracelet (four-leaf clover bracelet with a heart in the
middle) and ‘Bow Tie’ are his favourites.”
The brand is releasing new types of bracelets all the time, with ever more
exciting twists and turns on the original item. But where does the
inspiration for all these new models spring from? “There isn’t a main
inspiration.” Caprai says, “All the ideas come from the world that
surrounds me. It can be a painting, a piece of art, an article in the
newspaper, or just the mood of the day. Most of the ideas come during
the nighttime. Then I quickly pass themon tomy creators and designers
who instantly get back to me with the new bracelet, just the way I
As for the staggering boom in desire for bracelets around the world,
Caprai is somewhat nostalgic, but knows that ultimately you have to have
the right product as well as the magic to make it spread. “When I was a
kid in the 1980s, we suddenly couldn’t get Big Babol chewing gum
anymore, even though there was a great demand. Our Cruciani lace
bracelets were a new sensation and innovative, like the American
chewing gum that turned into the success of the century. Even though
the product was just American bubble gum… it became a cultural
phenomenon. This is exactly what happened with our bracelets, and it’s
similar to the Swatch story too. Brand success travels from person to
person virally, like a cold, but only if you create the right product. You
always have to look at who is best, and you can watch their cultural
expansion and acceptance.”
The cultural expansion of Cruciani is guaranteed and they will continue
to be building their presence in the UAE, with more locations in Dubai
and a flagship store in Abu Dhabi on the horizon. Caprai feels it is an
ideal market for his brand, as he explains, “Dubai has a cosmopolitan
spirit. Everything is luxury in Dubai, so our clothes and bracelets fit in
perfectly. Plus we are currently discussing distribution in Abu Dhabi,
with the opening of a new flagship store. It’s a market that knows high
quality very well. It has passion for luxury goods that they can actually
own without any compromise.”