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ermes’ take on Spring Summer 2013
could’ve been designed with Abu
temperatures in mind. The look says, ‘at-ease
cosmopolitan traveller’, the type that takes a left
on the plane and luxuriates through long haul in
First Class – withmatching hand stitched leather
luggage safely stowed.
If your thing is punchy and confident prints that
get you instantly noticed as you glide through a
five star hotel lobby (which is definitely Simply
Abu Dhabi’s thing) then the house of Hermes
had you in mind. The prints are bold re-
workings of classics and all utterly wearable; the
crocodile print is an instant go to, as are the
tropical flowers, Japanese themes and strong
geometric lines.
That said, this look doesn’t go all out for ‘pretty
pretty’, far from it. Hermes has gone for a
defined silhouette across the collection, playing
with the angles of each to keep it clean but not
predictable. Trousers are loosely flared, dresses
give a nod to the kimono and skirts ripple into a
neat trapeze. The fabrics are light but luxe,
incorporating cashmere, satin, cotton and
leather, while all the embellishments are
underplayed with a pared down simplicity.
Straps are kept light but utilitarian and the styling
cue from on the catwalk was limited to leather
cuffs and skinny belts.
There’s a clever balance here; Hermes knows
the prints do all the talking, so why make the
look too complex and try too hard? The palate
takes its cue from a base of neutrals such as
cream, sand, brick and caramel, but cuts through
the calm with bold seams of midnight blue,
chocolate, orange, mustard and lemon.
This is a lifestyle collection for a woman that
Hermes has imagined to be constantly on the
move, with a wardrobe that needs to take her
from airport terminal, to meeting, to gallery
opening, to candlelit table and back to check-in
again. Funnily enough, exactly the kind of
woman that Simply Abu Dhabi knows fills the
UAE’s boardrooms and boutiques. No prizes for
guessing which design house they’ll have on
speed dial when the mercury starts to rise.