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hen it was established in1830s
Paris, the Hermes label began
its life as a harness maker for
horses. It is then entirely fitting that this
year it returns to its roots to create a
collection that takes its cue from the
sporting arena but re-imagines the look
with an oh so stylishmakeover. According
to Veronique Nichanian, artistic director
for Hermes, the collection analyses the
stereotypes of the sportswear wardrobe,
infusing it with the luxury heritage of the
fashion house. This manifests itself as
deceptively casual pieces that can be worn
with ease but which are elegantly spun in
practical fabrics such as canvas. The palate,
though, removes any locker room
associations, with a spectrum that takes in
Prussian blue, grey, white, beige, indigo
and acid yellow.
The canvas focus works particularly well
on its accessories range, proving a natural
choice for footwear, particularly the
sneakers with contrasting piping and
moccasins created with an unstitched
look. The backpacks with rope straps,
weekend bags and watch straps also
benefit from the understated fabric. The
rugged durability of the outerwear sets the
scene for Hermes’ classic luxurious
fabrics to step in when items are worn
close to the skin. Silk and chiffon are
much in evidence, as are leather, cotton
and poplin.
And then there’s the T-shirt. Hermes is
known for its grandiose pricing but it
seems to have changed up a gear for this
particular item: the crocodile leather t-
shirt. Made entirely of black crocodile
skin, the world’s most expensive t-shirt
retails at $91,500 and is available at
Hermes boutiques around the globe.
We’ll have to wait and see whether they’ll
be forming orderly queues for this in Abu
Dhabi - or if customers decide they’d
rather invest in a new car.