imply Abu Dhabi can barely contain itself until the
release of the cinematic visual feast that is The Great
Gatsby and we’re clearly not the only ones. Scheduled
to hit screens this summer and starring Leonardo Dicaprio, this
dramatic romance set in the decadent era of 1920s USA has
influenced every fashion label’s collections in some way this
season. Hackett may be quintessentially British but it’s taken
its styling cue from the Gatsby decade and run with it. A palette
of cream, ivory, bone and summer white teamed with shades
of tobacco and mocha, set the tone for a reworked era of
sophisticated summer dressing. The pieces are created from a
natural-look coated cotton drill and trimmed with tan calf
leather to complete the essential Gatsby look. Hackett has
specialised in this kind of ‘classically inspired but with a modern
twist’ tailoring since its inception and has always expertly
plundered across every relevant decade and cultural flashpoint.
Another era on its roster this season is the French Riviera when
artists such as Matisse and Picasso ruled supreme. Reflecting a
bohemian, more laidback style of living, the look is layered and
worn with languor - think superfine luxury knitwear casually
draped over the shoulders. Blazers are worn over shirts or
colour blocked with cashmere and cotton blend v-necks and
crews, while the Breton stripe top becomes a vital wardrobe
staple in knit or jersey. The palette is a mix of vivid colours
balanced with muted tones taken from the landscape, which
range from vibrant azure and turquoise to subtle lavender,
French blue and indigo. Prints also feature heavily, having been
revived by Hackett from the archives of British print institution
Liberty, while its ‘Boathouse’ look channels the sporting spirit
of a preppy bygone era when sportsmanship and the art of
dressing up went hand in hand.
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