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apanese styling has long fed
the imaginations of designers.
Aren’t we all familiar with the
cartoon bubblegum ‘manga’
animation cute look or the
knowing yet innocent romance of
the geisha and her kimono? Yet
somehow when Prada gets hold of
all these themes they come back
filtered through an imagination
that is so uniquely Prada that it has
all of the familiar elements you
recognise yet looks like no other
take on them. This then, is Spring
Summer 2013 for Prada.
Yes, there are oversized flowers that
have been singled out to make a
bold statement – appliquéd in silk
or wool. But set against Prada’s
typically beautiful tailoring, it
diffuses the impact from being
what elsewhere looks childlike into
a clever punctuation or a clue to the
designer’s influences. It’s like a
secret wink to the wise, you feel
smarter for ‘getting it’.
Origami also plays a big part in the
collection. Pieces fold and fold
again, like wearable art and the look
is somehow both demure and
challenging. These are statement
dresses for women that want to
make an impact, but not in a bling
sense, more like an incredible piece
of architecture. And let’s face it,
who wouldn’t want to walk into a
room wearing the Burj Khalifa of
Can we see them gracing an Abu
Dhabi gala event or restaurant
opening, or turning heads on a red
carpet? For sure, doubly so now
that Abu Dhabi has 260 square
metres of Prada ready-to-wear joy
in the form of the gorgeous new
Prada store in Marina Mall.
Designed by architect Roberto
Baciocchi and beautifully furnished
with cloverleaf sofas by designer
Verner Panton, it’s already Simply
Abu Dhabi’s favourite place to
people-watch on a Friday.
But just one more thing on Prada’s
Spring Summer collection – let’s
say we’re keeping an open mind
about the flat soled sock-boots with
defined toes. Yes, they’re Prada so
we know they’re wonderful and
will no doubt be seen in an ‘iconic
design of the 21st century’
exhibition soon. But in Abu Dhabi,
in summer? We’ll see what the
capital’s glitterati make of them
before we pass judgment.