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iuccia Prada is a law unto herself
and universally adored by the
fashion pack. But she seems to
have taken everyone by surprise this season
with the unexpected minimalism of her
collection, leaving the verdict, for once,
undecided as to its success. There’s an
extreme simplicity to the look with colour
and cut pared down to its most basic
elements. The feel is blocky and geometric,
with flat simple panelling the only
It seems that’s the one decorative element
that Prada is loath to discard. "The border is
a timeless decoration, from Ancient Greece
onwards," Miuccia explained. She added that
it had taken three days to get the border on
the collar of a polo shirt just right. On the
other hand, she also claimed that the
collection had come together faster than
anything she'd ever done. Miuccia insisted
the whole thing was quite deliberately a
blank canvas, the beginning of a new chapter
in the Prada story. "Simplicity is repetitive
and equal," she said. "After years of references
and accessorizing, I felt the need to be so
equal." Any hasty assessments should be
avoided because when all’s said and done this
is still a Prada collection.
Therefore the look, though rejecting detail,
is rendered in the finest offerings of silk,
cotton, jersey, trimmed with a decadent and
unexpected smattering of fur. The palate is
also bold and spans burgundy, sky blue, pink,
coral red, ultramarine, light grey, navy and
white. The two-tone seam that runs
throughout the collection finds its best outlet
in the accessories. The bi-colour sandals
work well, as do the moccasins. The theme
continues throughout with bags that have
contrasting front pockets and aviator
sunglasses with two-coloured frames.