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or a while, in certain circles, ‘Gucci’
became a blanket term for anything
that was very desirable, e.g. “That car’s
totally Gucci”. While that particular usage
might no longer be heard much, the meaning
still stands – Gucci knows all about desire and
what women will want in Spring Summer
is pretty much every piece that the label
turns out this season. Mark our words; there
will be queues around the block, if not
outright hysteria, from those eager to get their
hands on this collection.
Gucci has got Abu Dhabi and Simply Abu
Dhabi written all over it. The colour palate is
bursting with searing summer hues of hot
pink and emerald. Better still, for Middle East
clients and no doubt for their global following
too, they’ve reigned in the flesh-revealing
tendencies a little to arrive at something that
still simmers – no one wears Gucci to go
unnoticed after all – but acknowledges that less
can still give you all the va va voom you expect
from the label.
The silhouette is long, strong and closely cut.
These are dresses for women who want to
walk in and own the room, and you should
never underestimate the power of silk. The
playful touches of frills and slits embellish the
whole but never distract from the strong
shape, while studs, feathers, sequins and sheer
net panels add pep and fizz where they should.
It’s the kind of look that invites you to touch,
but instantly tells you that you’d be stupid to
even try. Temptation and tension equally
balanced. Gucci’s Frida Giannini knows
exactly the kind of mood to create for an
event’ dress – and also knows it’s exactly what
her core customer comes to her for.
spot pieces
liberally dotted
throughout the globe’s best polo haunts and
evening events by women who’ll have to turn
down every canapé as there’s no way you can
wear these dresses and be the hungry type –
the cut’s just too lean for that. But fear not,
your tummy may be rumbling but you’ll look
beyond fabulous.