hen we think of Roberto Cavalli, we think of pure indulgent glamour. Forty
years in the business, he is a man who has his sights set on a very distinct mood
for his creations. Never one to shy away from flamboyance and decadence, the
designs reflect his outgoing personality.
When creating a perfume for the Roberto Cavalli woman, he is similarly filled with this
confidence. He wants women to embrace their inner strength and use it to their advantage.
Women hold many powers and can easily influence those around her if she is given the
Roberto Cavalli Woman’ epitomises this concept. It is the scent of a woman, a true and
independent spirit who is not to be tied down. She has clear goals and knows how to
achieve them. To be noticed and remembered, this fragrance will turn heads wherever you
The fragrance is totally unique and whilst it’s strong and sensual, it also is light and vibrant.
It is classed in the Amber Floral family so with natural notes like orange blossom lit by pink
peppers, the deep base notes of tonka bean will leave behind an unforgettable impression.
Those who encounter the Roberto Cavalli Woman will be cast under a spell without
realising it. Enticed upon first contact with the exhilarating smells, they will be then drawn
in and mesmerised by the personality that it holds. Almost addictive, to encounter this
fragrance will ensure that you will be drawn back to experience it time and time again.
Owning the Roberto Cavalli Woman fragrance is to adorn your dressing table with some
timeless elegance and style. As with Cavalli’s fashion designs, the bottle and case continue
his signature chic and exotic creations.
The shape of the bottle itself is a delicately curved and full-bodied silhouette, re-creating
the natural lines of a voluptuous woman. A strong willed and opinionated woman would
therefore have a strong core spirit. The base of the bottle is of solid glass, rooting it with
these essential foundations.
Cavalli is well known for his bright colours and animal print textures. Around the neck of
the bottle is a tiger-print motif to continue this originality. Gold is also a key colour in his
fashion collections, which is accented with the cap and casing. The Cavalli signature seal
acts like a crown on top of the bottle, with his name displayed on top of the animal print.
Bright turquoise is the accent colour to the casing. As with all his fabulous dress creations,
this is seamed like a sheath, belted and offering fantastic contrasting tones to complete the
As Roberto Cavalli explains his idea of a woman, she is one not to be tamed.
A strong personality is the sexiest thing” he remarks, adding to the idea of his fragrance
enhancing this quality. To be able to enter a room and have heads turn, to captivate and
enchant whilst maintaining elegance and grace is to embody all it is to be a woman.
Similar to the incredible dresses that Cavalli produces, they enhance a woman’s figure but
still retain modesty. Revealing all the precious curves that women possess but still leaving
enough to the imagination. To suggest but not to overpower. The Roberto Cavalli woman
knows her ability to influence and coerce and will most likely achieve it but in the most
discerning of ways.
She will leave a lasting impression with this fragrance. Distinctive and captivating, it will
stimulate the senses and provoke a reaction that will endure the test of time.
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