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Gisele Bündchen - Photographer: Mario Testino.
he House of Chanel has always been one to evoke style, elegance and
effortless beauty. The legacy of Gabrielle Chanel was one of
controversial freedom. She believed that a woman should be able to
move with liberation in what she chose to wear. This also translates to the
nature of Chanel beauty.
Gabrielle was a lover of the outdoor life and indulged her time on the beaches
of Deauville, Cannes and Biarritz. She relished basking in the sunlight, her
face displaying a natural beauty with a truly subtle glow.
Carefree and radiant is synonymous in the latest innovation from Chanel’s
complexion products. The Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, Peter Philips,
has designed a line of powders that will impart a weightless and healthy glow
to any skin tone.
Les Beiges’ is a hybrid range of products that whilst perfecting the skin, will
also impart a brightness without leaving an iridescent or powdery finish. Finely
milled and simply dusted onto the face, the ‘Healthy Glow Sheer Powder’ will
leave you looking like a more perfected and revitalised version of yourself.
This is a new concept for Chanel, one that is universal and for use all year
round, no matter the season. We all long to look fresh and energised but often
don’t have the time. This collection of makeup will assist in creating that
natural glow and put back the perhaps lost radiance into our skin. Dullness
will be banished and your personal beauty revealed.
As well as the cosmetic elements to this line, there is also the advanced
technology of Chanel’s new ‘Open Air Care Complex’. It’s makeup that is
good for your skin. Designed to be worn on a daily basis, as often as you like,
for every woman. No matter what the environmental conditions, there is an
SPF15 in all the Healthy Glow Sheer Powders, plus anti-UVA protection
PA++). Enriched with cotton flower, rose plant cells, proteins and vitamins,
all these active molecules can penetrate into the skin’s epidermis at a steady and
even pace. Your complexion will be fully protected as well as nourished and
World famous model, Gisele Bündchen has been chosen by Chanel to be the
face of Les Beiges campaign. She is a new addition to the Chanel family and
one who radiates vitality and independence. Gisele is of course, naturally
beautiful and is not one to be seen wearing a lot of makeup. This is especially
since her lifestyle is heavily based outdoors, enjoying nature whilst in turn,
achieving a healthy state of mind and body. Approachable and positive, Gisele
is the perfect contemporary woman to represent this collection.
Simplicity and comfort is the key to this range. This also translates to the design
of the packaging. As you’d expect, the case has a clean and classic look. Stepping
away from the usual black casing, we’re now treated to a nude background with
the Chanel logo imprinted in black. A new twist that is fresh, modern and yet
in keeping with Gabrielle Chanel’s ethos of effortless glamour.
The enclosed brush too, complements the ease of application. Half-moon
shaped and designed to sit neatly in your hands as well as sweep the curves of
your skin with finesse, it will allow you to apply your Healthy Glow Sheer
Powder with complete effortlessness and confidence.
There is a shade of powder for everyone, no matter your age, skin tone or skin
type. Whether you use your powder to perfect your complexion or enhance it
with a bronzed glow, all tastes are catered for. There are seven shades in total
No.10 to No.70) each delivering immaculate results for your skin.
As Peter Philips himself explains, ”I wanted a refined, visible yet discreet result”
going on to say “I had to avoid the trap of excessive pearly effects and
flamboyant tans to achieve this healthy glow. I worked with the Chanel
Laboratories for months to compose the perfect range of beige shades.”
This has definitely been achieved. The launch sell-out and ongoing success of
this powder has meant it has become a highly desirable addition to our makeup
collection. It is sure to be another classic fromChanel who continues to bring
us products that we didn’t know we needed.
Les Beiges – Natural is a Style