oses have long been known for their nutritive
properties, especially for sensitive skins and those
prone to suffer with external aggressors. ‘The Age of
Enlightenment’ being sumptuous and infinitely inventive has
always guided Monsieur Christian Dior in his boldest
Today we are offered the high performance range and latest
inspiration, Dior Prestige. Queen Marie-Antoinette was
somewhat of a muse, due to her exceptional beauty. The Rose
Souveraine flower and its intensely hydrating properties
heavily influenced her regime. The amount of makeup and
white powder she wore caused her to suffer from extreme dry
skin. This flower was used to create a concentrated and
precious ‘absolute’, which became the only product to treat
her condition perfectly and therefore, protected her porcelain
complexion. This process was known as ‘enfleurage’.
Inspired by this procedure, Christian Dior created ‘L’Huile
Souveraine’ (Plumping Oil-Serum) and ‘La Crème
Souveraine’ (Rich Restorative Cream) which are both the
most potent in Dior’s age-defying range. They both deliver
the highest degrees of hydration and rejuvenation to the skin.
With these levels of nutrition is skin that is soft and smooth
to the touch. Revitalised and plumped, moisture of this
deliverance is key to the anti-ageing process.
Cold enfleurage is the only process capable of extracting the
active ingredients found in the dense, fleshy petals of the Rose
Souveraine. Their delicate, velvety texture is too fragile to be
submitted to any heat source so a three-step intense procedure
was invented. These techniques live on today at Dior, with
now more modern advances able to lend a hand whilst still
being completely eco-friendly. It is without doubt, the purest
and most concentrated ingredient ever created by Dior, now
infused into two of their most exciting launches to date.
Dry skin will be nourished, delicate skin will be treated. This
in turn will make the skin look and feel younger and more
radiant. ‘Rose de Granville Nectar’ is combined with the
Rose Souveraine to intensify the treatment further and ensure
it is absorbed completely into the skin’s epidermal layer.
L’Huile Souveraine is composed of 100%natural oils. It melts
into the skin with ease and comfort, instantly transforming
the texture and feel. Apply after cleanser and before
moisturiser, once or twice daily for maximum benefits.
Follow on with La Crème Souveraine for optimum results.
It is an intensely rich yet light to the touch cream that will
restore your skin’s luminosity with its incredibly potent
ingredients. From deep below the surface layer of the skin,
this cream penetrates and gives skin the boost of natural
moisture in the most delicate way.
Your skin will be left nourished and glowing from within. A
subtle scent of the roses will lift your spirits and ease your
The ‘Satin Ritual’ range, also from the Dior Prestige line, will
complete your skincare regime. From lotion to eye cream,
nectar to mask, all bases are covered to leave your skin in
optimum condition.
These unrivalled products fromChristian Dior are unique in
their results and will be the ultimate indulgence and
worthwhile addition to your skincare collection.
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