ith the cosmetics industry continually
launching new brands and innovations, it can
often be confusing to know what is best for
the individual needs of your skin.
I heard about ‘Radical Skincare’ purely by chance and
decided to pursue it after hearing the background story
of the team behind it. The fact that its conception was
from a family passion is one thing and then to discover
that the results are factually changing people’s skin, I
wanted to know more.
Liz and Rachel Edlich are sisters and the co-founders of
Radical Skincare. Both of their individual personalities
as well as differing skin concerns made for a perfect
combination to join forces. Each has career
backgrounds in marketing, finance, media, retail and
management. Both have the skills in development to
drive forward a brand that carries the right ethics to
satisfy their principles as well as proven scientific results.
They also work with various charities worldwide to
again feed their human spirit and the desire to change
the lives of people who need it the most.
Most importantly their experience in the industry has
stemmed from their father. From the impressionable
age of just ten years old, the sisters spent time at their
father’s internationally renowned laboratory, in the
burns unit of the University of Virginia Hospital. The
experiences they both encountered there helped to
educate and shape their knowledge of what was key to
improving the skin.
As a result of their extensive time spent with their father,
Radical Skincare was born. It’s a range created in a
natural and healthy way but with incredible results that
are proven both factually and visually. Liz and Rachel
have created a line that is an approach to beauty and life
as a whole. By using the highest performing and
maximum potency’ ingredients in the most
technologically advanced way, the results are indeed,
The core to understanding what they’ve created is down
to antioxidants. The main cause of premature ageing is
due to free radicals; sun damage, pollution and the
decreasing of inner skin cell defences. Antioxidants, if
they are protected and preserved correctly, are the most
effective in fighting these free radicals. Not only that
but for each type of free radical, there are many different
types of antioxidants that are suitable for combating
The challenge for the Edlich sisters and their chemists
was to develop products with the relevant antioxidants
that wouldn’t lose their power once present in a cream
or serum, as so often is the case. To prevent, care and
soothe ageing skin was their aim so whilst treating the
concerns of many women, it was about upholding those
results and impeding further free radical influences.
No expense was spared in creating the Radical Skincare
range. To create a line that they themselves were happy
to use and pass on to their friends and colleagues, there
was no hesitation in going for supreme quality. As well
as sourcing the most powerful antioxidants and fast-
acting, age-defying ingredients, a completely unique
technology was also created called Trylacel™. This is a
highly advanced method for the ingredients to be
suspended and preserved in their high levels of potency.
Clinically tested, the results surpassed all expectations
and this is a key complex present in the entire range.
This technology was key to sustaining the high potency
ingredients and ensuring their deliverance to the skin
would be fully effective. That and the fact that Radical
Skincare uses antioxidants that have 300% more
protection than that of other leading brands, it’s truly an
The principal antioxidant ingredients are:
Grapeseed – Removal of skin cellular toxins.
Coffee - Protecting the skin against UVA rays.
Green Tea - Preserving skin cell membranes and
boosting skin defences.
Niacinamide - Prolonging the anti-ageing effects and
skin barrier resilience.
Allanoin – A key anti-inflammatory agent to calm and
heal even sensitive skin.
From cleansing through to specialist treatments, the
range has everything your skin will need, in an easy to
use capsule collection.
The hero product is their ‘Peptide-Infused Antioxidant
Serum’ which has proved popular due to the noticeable
results on user’s skin tone and texture. The ingredients
assist to increase collagen levels and elasticity of the skin
within weeks. It’s natural berry/bronze texture will also
immediately give the skin a visually healthy glowwhilst
locking in moisture and treating all skin concerns.
What I was most interested to try was the ‘Maximum
Performance Accelerator Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads’.
Containing 95% actives, this is the first step towards a
successful anti-ageing treatment. Before feeding the
skin with serums andmoisturisers of the highest quality,
we must ensure that our skin is thoroughly cleansed
with dead skin cells removed. AHA and BHA
ingredients will achieve this whilst also reducing the
pore and fine line sizes on the skin’s surface layer. These
pads are perfect for balancing the skin as they supply oils
to nourish but also remove excess sebum that may have
been over-produced by our skin.
Other products in the range are restorative and
replenishing moisturisers, eye cream, neck cream and a
mask. All bases are covered with each product being
suitable for all skin types. It is a fantastic new skincare
range that utilises the power of natural ingredients and
integrates themwith authenticated scientific knowledge.
In turn, both work in harmony to improve our skin.
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