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To combine the power of natural ingredients in their highest calibre with the
advanced workings of their laboratories, once again, an innovation has been
Highly concentrated and tailor-made for the individual, this is a truly personal experience and
one thatwill display results extremely rapidly. The full treatment lasting just twenty-eight days,
it’s a true innovation for an at-home treatment.
The key technology is derived fromGoldOrchids, a rare and powerful plant that is unique in
its longevity and cell turnover. Cellular Bioenergetic science has enabled Guerlain to study
this and apply it to our own skin’s behaviour and improve it dramatically.
Following the success andclear results fromthe firstOrchidée ImpérialeCreamin2006,Gold
OrchidTechnologyhas nowbeendiscovered and their combinedknowledgehas led to anew
generation of regenerating power for 2013; TheOrchidée Impériale Treatment.
Our body and skin is full of cells. In order to function they need to renew themselves and
communicate with each other. With time and age, this process begins to diminish. This is
then acceleratedwith aggressive contributors such as environmental and oxidative stress. The
This combined with the target of ‘cell fertility’; a new advancement in skin anti-ageing has
been created.
Without the ability for the cells to renew themselves, their fertility is at risk. This then causes
ageing of the skin at every level andwithout assistance, continues to depreciate.
The Gold Orchid holds the key to boost the cells back into life. A new blend with Orchid
Molecular Extract’s three orchids has nowenabled the skin to reinforce itself and its longevity
performance has been restored.
TheGoldOrchidtechnologyisinspiredbytheplant’snaturalhabitatandbehaviours. Growing
fivemeters above the ground, it’s a species thatmatures at a slowand steadypace (7years)with
medicinal benefits spanning 1,500 years. Its genetic code revealed the secret of its energy
production, age-defying regeneration and reactivation capacity. Guerlain’s bioenergetic
scientists could then use this information towards creating their latest groundbreaking
formulation: GoldOrchid Technology.
Its key results are impressive:
It doubles the expression of genes for energy production after 24 hours treatment*
It triples the expression of genes for energy location after 24 hours treatment*
Maintains and recreates themitochondrial network subject to oxidative stress*
in vitro tests on ingredients)
Once the technology was harnessed, it was then a case of encapsulating the knowledge into a
skincare regime for the Guerlain customer. Twenty-eight days is all it takes for this process to
complete itself. This is also the same amount of time that the epidermal (below the skin’s
surface layer) cells take to renew themselves.
Firstly, it’s a case of renewing the skin, ridding it of any dead and imperfect cells. This then
paves the way for the skin to be regenerated. The beginning stages act like a cosmetic peel for
the face,mimicking the behaviour of theGoldOrchid, combining it with concentrated active
ingredients. Citrus AHA’s, glycolic acid and salicylic acid are the most powerful and non-
invasive exfoliants to shed the top layer of skin, remove dead cells and reveal new skin with
increased vitality and radiance. Already the skin’s texture is smoother, brighter and in perfect
condition to be treated for regeneration.
The revitalising stage can then begin. Plant extracts boost collagen and plump the skin and
simultaneously train and rebuild the cells for a more resilient and firmer architecture. Skin
feels firmer, fine lines and wrinkles will be smoothed not just on the surface but also on the
epidermal layer. Radiance is revealed as the cells are now rebuilt.
As you might expect from Guerlain, the presentation of these products is luxurious in their
look andusage. Four airless pumpbottles ensure sanitaryuse andno roomfor contamination.
Their signature colours of gold and blue keep them lookingmodern yet classic with a pouch
to keep them safe and easy to transport should you use themwhilst travelling.
Once you decide to go ahead with the Orchidée Impériale Treatment, the Guerlain service
continues. Youwill be individually guided through each stage of the process frombeginning
to end with the incredible support and advice that you’d expect from such a leading brand.
Safe in the knowledge that all their advisors are highly trained and care for your individual
needs, it’s a truly personal service.
Throughout this whole process fromconception to completion, Guerlain has remained true
toitsethicsandmorals. Beingdirectlyinvolvedwiththenaturereservesandvariouslaboratories
around the world has enabled the formulations to be of the highest quality. These unique
treatments have beenderived and constructed in optimal ways to benefit the customer aswell
as the environment. That said, Guerlain has made a long-term commitment to protecting
nature with reforestation and replanting of orchids in their original environments to ensure
their safety for the future.
Visible results in the short and long term for your skin, it’s assuring to know the ingredients
and expertise are of the highest quality. This investment in your regime is a precious and
beneficial one, tobe takenwith theutmost of care. AllowGuerlain toguide you throughyour
best look today, taking you to tomorrow.
Orchidée Impériale - Guerlain