A wise man once said that less is more. In here, that's
certainly true. As a result, the new Range Rover is much
easier to use than the last one. When you're settled at the
wheel, a large eight-inch touchscreen interface dominates
the centre of the dash, controlling the audio and navigation
systems and including settings for on-road and off-road
driving. It's also home to the incredible 'surround camera
system' boasting five cameras that give you an almost 360
degree view of conditions outside the car. For entertainment
value alone, it's a winner but in practice it's a major safety
feature, preparing you to take the appropriate action in every
Directly ahead, another screen measuring a full 12.3 inches
houses twin digital gauges along with trip information and
all the data you need to keep you informed of how you've
configured all those Range Rover drivetrain functions. The
climate control switchgear is kept separate and positioned
neatly between the two front seats, making it easy to carry
out quick adjustments without resorting to the touchscreen
above. Once again, it's a perfect example of Land Rover not
changing things for change's sake, simply making everything
Of course, the interior isn't all about the driver. Your
passengers are going to love the new Sport too. As always,
you'll find what seems like acres of leather, top quality
carpeting and gleaming aluminium all adding up to create a
feeling of luxury no competitor can come close to. The
major change though is the sheer space. There's now more
than enough room to stretch out and enjoy the ride -and
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