hree years ago our lives changed. Jordana and I were
visiting family in Dubai and I was at a crossroads. I needed
to invest my time and energy into something I felt
passionate about. We’d heard a great deal about the unique beauty
of the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, and yet I couldn’t find any
publication that showcased the vast delights of the city. There was
nothing that did Abu Dhabi justice. Then the concept of Simply
Abu Dhabi came to me in a flash, a gift from the ether. It was a
moment of lucidity that set us on course to present all the luxuriant
wonders this city has to offer the world.
When we first visited Abu Dhabi we were fortunate enough to be
hosted by one of the world’s most exalted hotels – The Emirates
Palace. We stayed in a Diamond Grand room and it was truly
exceptional. Throughout the duration of our stay we were
constantly taken aback by the kind-hearted attention afforded to
us by all of the employees. There are 1,200 people frommore than
different countries working at the hotel, all doing their utmost
to ensure that every moment of your stay is a pleasant one. And it
worked. We had an amazing time and made friends with our
waiters and the concierge as well as with other guests. We felt very
much at home – even though we were in a palace.
Since we were last at The Emirates Palace our Simply Abu Dhabi
publication has flourished and we are constantly finding
extraordinary stories to tell about the capital city. To be invited back
to stay in an expansive Palace suite was a real honour for us. We
flew into Abu Dhabi in the extreme comfort of a Royal Jet Abu
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