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prominent journalist from NewYork due to arrive, the evening ahead
was set to be a good one.
When it is time for our appointment with Mr. Aşci, a well-known
Turkish entrepreneur who made his fortune in the textile industry, he
is the epitome of hospitality. Sitting down on a balcony overlooking
the glistening turquoise water, he told us over lunch about his
motivations and beliefs for the area.
Turkey is a rising star in its region's tourism industry. The country
has hosted many civilizations throughout history, constituting an
uncountable number of archaeological sites that can be visited, and it
also has a wealth of natural resources and untouched coves along its
coasts, as well as beautiful forests just waiting to be discovered. These
all play an important role in this rise.”
With regard to the potential visitors to his on-going project, Aşci adds,
Due to reasons such as the well-known genuine Turkish hospitality,
the rich Turkish cuisine and the convenient access as a result of its
central location between the continents, Turkey attracts high-end
travellers from all over the world. We believe that our country will rise
to the top of the world’s best tourism destinations lists with new
groundbreaking and branded investments.”
This prospective increase in both holidaymakers and foreign residents
has already urged the Turkish Minister for Urban Planning and
Environment to adjust the residence permit for foreign homeowners
in Turkey, which will now be changed to one year instead of three
months. As a result of this, it is expected that in 2013, the number of
properties sold to foreigners will double. If you are fortunate to have
the funds, we can heartily recommend the Mandarin Oriental
Residences at Paradise Bay – they really are what you’d hope them to
be – a slice of paradise in the sun.