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Dhabi Boeing Business Jet. I don’t believe there is any smoother
or more comfortable way to travel than this, it’s almost
disappointing to have to get off the plane. However, with the sun
setting over a tranquil evening in Abu Dhabi, we had more special
experiences waiting to unfold.
After swiftly collecting our luggage and passing through customs
at Al Bateen Airport, we were thrilled to be greeted by a white
PhantomRolls Royce. Gazing out of the windows as a golden light
enveloped the city streets I was once again reminded of how
magical Abu Dhabi is. As we travelled in stately elegance along the
corniche, we eventually saw the Emirates Palace twinkling in the
dusk and were excited to be staying in the hotel once more.
On arrival we were warmly greeted with genuine smiles and
escorted into the monumental lobby to be met by the General
Manager, Mr Bugra Berberoglu, the Hotel Manager, Mr Alexander
Schneider and Mr Mohammed Alaoui, who is the Director Of
Public Relations. All three gentlemen kindly explained that they
were at our disposal for any need whatsoever and displayed the
kind of hospitality that makes this region so renowned throughout
the world.
After being presented with delicious welcome drinks we were
shown to our Palace suite and were duly impressed by the
impeccable taste and sheer luxury of the accommodation. At a size
of 460 square metres, the suite was like a palace within a palace and
the view of the Arabian Sea was breath taking. The first thing we
did was explore, there is so much to see in a Palace Suite. We
wandered around the lounge area and the separate living room,
dining room and two bedrooms, marvelling at the discerning style
and attention to detail deployed throughout the entire space. The