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main bathroomwas cavernous and featured richmarble and a giant
bath, as well as a jacuzzi and a rain shower. The suite had all the
facilities one would expect from a world-class hotel, such as a high-
end entertainment system and working desk, plus we also had
access to a 24-hour butler. You quite literally want for nothing here.
After standing on the balcony and watching the last rays of sun
disappear into the inky firmament of the Arabian Sea, we went
down to the Las Brisas restaurant for a light meal. We had already
enjoyed a fine three-course meal cooked by a private chef on our
Royal Jet flight and so we were happy to have a light salad and some
tender grilled meat in the calm surroundings of the East Wing
Relaxation Pool.
After dinner we happily roamed the hotel, admiring once more the
incredible opulence and regal spirit of the place. We passed nearly
two hours but that is easily done in such a huge building. It is a
whole kilometre from one wing to another, and the total grounds
measures approximately three hectares. There is certainly a lot to
see, with countless chandeliers, fountains and beautiful artisanal
decorations. The two enormous wall mounted carpets from
Thailand are stunning features and as we were admiring them a
helpful employee informed us that they each weighed more than
a tonne.
We finally retired to our room and slept peacefully, looking forward
to another pleasure-filled day in the hotel. After a breakfast fit for
royalty we decided to enjoy the sunshine and headed for the pool
areas. There are two swimming pools, one designed for those who
want to be active and another that’s dedicated to relaxation. You
can also enjoy multiple sports here as the hotel has a rugby pitch,
soccer and cricket facilities and tennis courts. And that’s not to
mention the two state-of-the-art fitness suites with Techno Gym
equipment and the wide range of water sports on offer.
For the morning though we enjoyed the lovely ambience of the
relaxation pool until midday, when we decided to have a game of
tennis and then go for a light jog. There are over six kilometres of
jogging trails and over 100 hectares of stunning landscaped gardens
to enjoy outdoors, as well as 1.3 kilometres of exclusive private
After our exertions we decided we’d earned a nice relaxing massage
and so we booked into the Anantara Spa. The popularity of spas
has grown rapidly in recent years and this spa is truly exceptional,
widely regarded as having the best facilities, products and therapists
available. The interior is a masterful blend of Moroccan-inspired
interiors, domes and graceful archways interlaced with authentic