Southeast Asian furnishings. Anantara means ‘without end’ and
that’s exactly what we wished about our treatments. But when
they were over we both felt utterly relaxed and rejuvenated. After
thanking the expert spa staff we decided to take afternoon tea in
the hotel lobby. Sat beneath the sparkling Swarovski’s Strauss
crystal chandeliers in Le Café, we were soothed by the gentle
melodies of a pianist seated at a highly polished grand piano. As
we enjoyed tea we were presented with an array of chocolate
delicacies all adorned with real gold leaf. The hotel actually uses
five kilogrammes of edible gold every year, and you can also buy
bars of gold in special vending machines. The hotel also employs
Gold Leaf Specialists trained at the famous Italian Paolo Angeletti
company. There are four gold leaf professionals that work to
cover 2000 square metres of the hotel in gold and silver leaves.
When you consider that two of the experts have to work for over
a week to cover just 100 square metres, and that the leaves have
to be replaced every four years, it is yet another attention to detail
that demonstrates the level of extreme excellence and luxury at
the Emirates Palace.
On the way back to our room we went to see the Etihad
Ballroom as we’d heard about its grandness. Although we knew
it would be impressive we still dropped our jaws as we surveyed
the three gigantic chandeliers and enough room to host up to
people for any illustrious gala event. The hotel is well
known for hosting VIP guests, celebrities, heads of state, and
royal families from all over the world, and it was easy to imagine
them enjoying a special evening in these majestic surroundings.
Feeling slightly tired by our explorations we went back to our
own majestic surroundings that was the Palace suite and relaxed
on the balcony before dressing for dinner.
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