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We had quite a choice on where to eat that evening, as there are no
fewer than fifteen restaurants in the hotel. We were stuck between
the lavish international buffet offered in the refined atmosphere of
Le Vendome or the Emirati restaurant Mezlai, which offers a
selection of more than 100 different local dishes. We decided to
savour the local cuisine as we had plenty more time yet to
experience the other restaurants.
Before dinner we had an aperitif and a small sample of caviar in
the stylish Caviar Bar. Whilst there we met a married couple from
New York who were returning to the hotel for their wedding
anniversary. They first came in December 2006 when the hotel was
newly opened and were as glad as us to be back again. They were
travelling with their three young children, which begged the
question of where were they? The couple explained to us that their
children were VIBs. Seeing the confused look on our faces, they
continued and told us about the hotel’s Very Important Baby
service. Whilst the happy couple had spent the day relaxing at the
Beach Club and visiting theMarina, their children had been under
the supervision of Victoria Fesenko, the Kempinski Kids
Ambassador, and having an adventurous time at the Emirates
Palace Kids Club. They’d enjoyed everything from arts and crafts
to the latest skateboards and scooters, as well as tiring themselves
out with all the water-based activities. They were now all resting
with the hotel babysitting service so their parents could enjoy a
romantic dinner. After wishing them a lovely evening we too went
for an exquisite dinner and then enjoyed the night air walking
around the extensive Marina, which can accommodate up to 167
yachts and looked like a perfect picture-postcard twinkling in the
warm evening air.
We were so glad to have another week to continue enjoying the
diverse range of activities here. Built and owned by the Abu Dhabi
government, and managed by the Kempinski Group, the Emirates
Palace hotel is the pinnacle of luxury living. Everyone is a VIP at
the Emirates Palace as it is a paragon of hospitality and unrivalled
in its grandeur.