Fawaz Gruosi
he flamboyant and expertly crafted artwork created by Fawaz
Gruosi and his company de Grisogono, is not limited to
high jewellery. The company deftly pursues a philosophy of
haute couture craftsmanship, accepting no compromise in creating
products that evoke a baroque-contemporary lifestyle. The high
jewellery tradition of the company is firmly rooted in Geneva and
goes back to the dawn of the Renaissance. Indeed, goldsmiths and
jewellers fromGeneva were renowned all over Europe, hundreds of
years before the first jewellers were established in Paris at the Place
Vendôme. With roots like these, it’s not surprising the company
nurtures and pursues big dreams.
When the brand launched their first timepieces at the turn of the
millennium, it was clear they intended to stand out in the same way
they do with their jewellery collections. The creations from de
Grisogono remain radical. Time can be expressed in so many ways:
in numbers or mathematical codes, it can vanish, hide, reappear, be
playful or precious, or appear in a simple or a complex form – the
possibilities are endless.
The timepieces from de Grisogono can be characterised as
mischievous and bold, eager to stand out because they clearly
distinguish themselves from others in size as well as design. While
they are certainly not for everybody, they still show great respect for
the artisanal know-how of Swiss traditions in their exclusive designs
and in the production standards. The general thrust with the watches
is reinterpreted sizes, reworked shapes and redesigned functions, all
infused with a very contemporary spirit. As the creator Fawaz Gruosi
himself states, “I admit, these watches are very different, but it is
exactly their difference that allows them to claim their excellence.
They must be earned, because they are the result of a watchmaking
process and technique that developed over a long time, preceded by
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