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five centuries of mechanical tradition, five centuries of
continuous improvements, which can only be honoured by
going beyond old standards and stretching the limits of
creativity. We wanted to be open to time, and in order to
achieve that, we had to free the watches!”
Fawaz Gruosi, the president and founder of de Grisogono,
was perhaps always destined to become a creator of desirable
products as he always had a passion for beauty and art. He left
school in his hometown of Florence, Italy, and trained as a
sales assistant with a famous Florentine jeweller. Seven years
later at the age of 25 the jeweller asked Gruosi to oversee the
opening of a new store in London as a consultant to the firm,
a position that quickly saw him evolve into store manager for
a period of four years.
At age 30, Gruosi was noticed by the Alizera family, official
agent to Harry Winston, who offered him the position of
representative in Saudi Arabia. Enterprising and dynamic,
Gruosi agreed to take up the challenge. After three years, he
returned to Europe, where he was immediately contacted by
the Bulgari company. Gianni Bulgari, a cult name in the world
of jewellery, created a new position for Gruosi within Bulgari
Precious Trading, the jeweller putting his complete trust in
the young man. Gruosi thus became the first within the group