to have access to the brand new high-jewellery
collections, which he would be responsible for
selling worldwide, except in the Bulgari stores. A
fantastic field of opportunities opened up before
the young man, but when Gianni Bulgari left the
company, Gruosi decided to follow suit and create
de Grisogono.
After acquiring considerable experience as a
jeweller, Fawaz Gruosi chose to enter the world
of watchmaking by introducing his first-ever
watch at Baselworld. He called it ‘InstrumentoN°
Uno’ and it was only the first in a series of
successes. De Grisogono has since launched over
collections within the last 12 years, all
distinguishing themselves on exclusive and
original designs. Today, de GRISOGONO is the
proud owner of 16 boutiques and has one of the
world’s best-qualified teams of jewellery
craftsmen, all of whom are trained at giving
concrete expression to Fawaz Gruosi’s ideas by
creating high-quality jewellery characterised by
the perfect harmony of shapes and dimensions.
Fawaz Gruosi has always been inventive. Neither
gemmologist nor designer, he owes his success to
his passion, to his curiosity and, no doubt, to his
genuine creative talent. Avoiding fashionable
gimmicks, he plays with trends, sometimes against
the tide, only listening to his inspiration.
Everything I see around me, in nature or in
everyday objects, is a source of inspiration,” he
Tondo by Night
Part of the current collection, the Tondo by Night
range of wristwatches is a real talking point and a
truly innovative creation. The watches, available
in a range of colours, lights up from the inside,
thanks to condensed light held in the ultra-secret
composition of the material from which the case
and the buckle are made: a composite known as
Pearly Photo-luminescent Fibreglass”, exclusive
to de Grisogono and strewn withmother-of-pearl
Thus illuminated, the colours shine and highlight
the precious stones crowning the watch. The
effect is highly original, enhanced by other
precious stones carpeting the self-winding
mechanism that is visible through the dial,
beneath the hands pointing to the time. The grain
of the stones echoes the grain of the “galuchat”
stingray hide from which the strap of the Tondo
by Night is crafted. In darkness the watch glows
from the inside due to the ‘charged’ nature of the
pearly high-techmaterial of which it is made. The
Tondo by Night is a collection that is at once
playful, luxurious and technical, combining the
refined art of gemsetting with the technical
sophistication of an exclusive in-house
movement. The engine of the watch was
developed to display a gemset oscillating weight
on the front side and so the watch sparkles both
by day and by night.
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