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did, it was in captivating style. Wearing a crown and an all-black outfit,
the “Queen of Pop” began with an extraordinary rendition of the hit Girl
Gone Wild from her latest album, and went from strength to strength
after this. In the songs that followed, the qualities that have made her a
star were clear for all to see.
Madonna sang with real passion and verve, and her rich life experiences
were evident in the way she could evoke emotions in the crowd.
Madonna’s playful side was also on showwhen she cleverly blended the
Lady Gaga hit Born This Way into her song Express Yourself. It was a
reference to the similarities that have been observed between the two
songs and performers. As if to underline her inimitable and truly thrilling
individual style, Madonna then sung her own song, She’s Not Me,
straight after the medley.
Acrobatic moves
The visual aspects of the performance were, as you’d expect, equally
striking. The acrobatic moves of the supporting dance troupe were really
spectacular. And, as we watchedMadonna sing Hung Up while dancing
on a tightrope, we had it confirmed that she is a complete natural on
Sharing a great experience like this can really bring people together. We
talked to many people at the show, and found a lot who had come far
and wide to this beautiful Emirate to see her famous act. And we were
delighted to find that the star’s performance had lifted everyone else’s
spirits as much as our own.
Janet Abrahmson had visited fromManchester in the UK. “I can’t think
of anywhere better to see Madonna perform,” she confided. “The
passion that the crowd showed tonight was unbelievable.”
Yasmina Khouri, from Beirut, Lebanon, said that, as a huge fan, she had
seen Madonna perform on three previous occasions. However, she
believed that Madonna’s Abu Dhabi performance was the finest concert
she had yet seen: “To seeMadonna is always amazing,” said Khouri. “But
this time, she really pulled out all the stops.”
We also met Richard Metcalf, from New York City, USA, who had
travelled to Abu Dhabi with his wife, Megan. Both obsessive fans, the
couple had met at a Madonna concert three years ago and planned this
trip to coincide with the singer’s tour and their wedding anniversary.
They were completely bowled over by her “superlative” performance,
and had also enjoyed an “incredibly relaxing” time during their Abu
Dhabi holiday.
Rich mixture of nationalities
A charming young lady fromMoscow in Russia, Alexandria Gorbachev
described Madonna’s performance as “exceptional”. It was her first visit
to Abu Dhabi and she had found it to be an “extremely welcoming”
place, with “great shops and food”. She said that she was ‘”sure to return,”
and we hoped to meet her again.
Yet another avid Madonna fan we met was Laxmi Thadan, from India.
She had been planning to visit Abu Dhabi on holiday with friends and,
when she realised that Madonna would be there at the same time, she
snapped up tickets as soon as she could: “I couldn’t believe my luck!”
This rich mix of nationalities, all coming together with a great local
crowd to enjoy a sumptuous spectacle, underlined what we love somuch
about Abu Dhabi. This really was an unforgettable evening: the energy
of the Emirate and that of Madonna dovetailed to create a once-in-a-
lifetime moment. We felt truly blessed to have had this experience, which
we won’t ever forget.
Madonna is a multi-talented individual with success in a range of fields,
but it is still here, on the stage, where she is at her most compelling.
Madonna is still the Queen of Pop – long may she reign!
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