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new era in luxury watches for the UAE was ushered in this year, when the
Emirates' leading timepiece retailer, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, announced a new
partnership withHAMG in order to acquire Al Manara Jewellery of AbuDhabi.
The move came as a result of a strategic business partnership between the two companies
that believe the market in Abu Dhabi can provide a world-class retail experience for the
capital’s – and the world’s – savvy luxury enthusiasts.
Since its inception in 1973, Al Manara Jewellery has run a massively respected chain of
luxury watch and jewellery boutiques in AbuDhabi, with an immensely strong portfolio
of brands. The transaction had the full support of Al Manara’s senior management, who
especially commended the decision by the new management to retain the existing
workforce. The newly appointed Board of Directors also took the decision to revise the
name to Al Manara International Jewellery.
“We are a family-owned and run company which has been built on passion, trust, and
loyalty,” said Abdul Hamied Seddiqi.“To be entrusted by Al Manara Jewellery is a
testament to their confidence, and an illustration that they share the same values and
principles,” he continued. “The acquisition was a strategic decision for Ahmed Seddiqi
& Sons and the partnership with HAMG in Abu Dhabi was a natural fit, given their
experience in the luxury sector.” He expects the synergies brought to the partnership to
accrue to Al Manara International Jewellery.
The right values
Hasan Abdullah Mohamed, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Al Manara
International Jewellery stressed that HAMG believes in long-term investments. The
company ensures that all partnerships are built and fostered with the right values, and
preserves the identities and uniqueness of all ventures.
He said: “We trust that Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, the region’s leading luxury Swiss watch
retailer, will fully complement Al Manara International Jewellery’s positioning within
the AbuDhabi community, further enabling its distinguished and loyal clientele to benefit
from an expansion of the brand lines and locations.”
Outstanding service is a cornerstone of Al Manara International Jewellery’s and Ahmed
Seddiqi & Sons’ philosophies, and both corporations continue to place enormous value
on their employees. This commitment is manifested through a series of tailored training
and workshops scheduled to take place over the next few months.
Osama Seddiqi – VP, Finance & Administration at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons and member of
theBoardofDirectors, at AlManara International Jewellery, explained this philosophy, saying:
“Not only does this add to the already alluring ambiance of our boutiques. It alsomakes for
a pleasant and welcoming shopping environment that personifies each client’s experience.”
He continued: “This is part of Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons’ overall commitment to supporting
AbuDhabi Vision 2030, aiming to transformAbuDhabi into a global hub of commerce.”
Richard Mille and Abdul Hamied Seddiqi at the first Seddiqi Polo Challenge 2012