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axon watchmaker Glashu
tte Original packs
the world and its 37 time zones into precisely
8.72 cubic centimetres and straps it onto the
traveller's wrist. Following a highly focused
constructors, designers and master watchmakers
completed the most unusual and sophisticated
masterpiece in the history of the company: the
Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon.
This exquisitely complicated wonder enables the
world traveller to track the time of day or night at
home and on the road simultaneously, in any two of
37 world time zones, while accounting correctly for
Daylight Saving (DST) or Standard Time (STD) and
for travel forward in time (to the East) or back in time
(to the West). All destination time and date changes
made by the wearer are displayed by a Perpetual
Calendar geared to register changes in both
directions, forwards and backwards in time.
This unique combination of complications - an
absolute world first in mechanical watches - is
crowned by the extraordinary Flying Minute
Tourbillon, developed in 1920 by the Glashu
master watchmaker, Alfred Helwig. Glashu
Original has applied for four separate patents to
protect the expertise that made this unique work of
art possible. This exclusive masterpiece is limited to
25 pieces worldwide.
The Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon is designed for
the world traveller who wishes to keep track of both
the home time and the destination time while
travelling. The home time remains an unchanging
point of reference and is presented at 6 o’clock on a
dedicated 24-hour dial with a day/night indicator.
The destination time appears at the centre of the
main dial and tracks the local time at a given location
away from home. To begin using this exceptional
timepiece, the owner first sets the hour and minute
of the home time, which is followed by the
synchronization of the home and destination times.
When selecting the home time, the owner sets the
time zone governing his or her usual place of
residence, selecting it from among 37 different world
time zones on the city ring, including those that
respect 30-minute (e.g. Delhi) and 45-minute offsets
(e.g. Eucla), and then adjusts for Standard Time
(STD) or Daylight Saving Time (DST). The time
zones on the city ring are indicated using three-letter
IATA codes (international airport codes, e.g. FRA for
Frankfurt am Main, LAX for Los Angeles
International, DXB for Dubai, etc.) and are displayed
in two small windows at 8 o’clock on the dial, one
dedicated to Standard Time (STD), the other to
Daylight Saving Time (DST). The owner then sets
the Perpetual Calendar to reflect the current
weekday, date, month and (leap) year.
The extraordinary mechanics of the Grande
Cosmopolite Tourbillion are set in motion by the
traveller who wishes to change the destination time
or who wants to simply observe an additional time
zone. If heading East (forwards in time), the traveller
turns the crown positioned at 2 o’clock clockwise; if
travelling West (back in time), the crown is turned
counter-clockwise. If the destination time is ahead or
back a day, up to 5 displays of the Perpetual Calendar
change accordingly.
The ingenious time machine can handle even a
change from March 1st to February 29th or 28th,
with no additional manual intervention required. It
is an absolutely extraordinary combination of hand-
crafted complications - an astonishing achievement,
and a world first for mechanical watches. This
exquisite set of display is put on show on a silver-
grained, massive 18 carat gold dial and is framed by
milled black Roman numerals and a railroad chapter
ring. The 24-hour home time display at 6 o’clock
joins the destination time displays in a functional
array crowned by an outstanding example of the
watchmaker’s art: the Flying Minute Tourbillon,
developed in 1920 by one of Glashu
tte’s most
admired master watchmakers and teachers, Alfred
The back of the 48mm platinum case frames an
antireflective sapphire crystal offering a clear view of
this most complicated of manually wound
movements, the Glashu
tte Original manufactory
Calibre 89-01 withmore than 500 components. The
base plate features characteristic Glashu
tte ribbing,
screw-mounted gold chatons, winding wheels and
the 72- hour power reserve display. The case back is
protected by a platinum hunter case fitted with a
graphic presenting 37 time zones, each represented
by a three-letter IATA airport code. The masterpiece
is fitted with a black Louisiana alligator strap and
foldover clasp in platinum.
As befits this extraordinary example of the art of
making watches at Glashu
tte Original, this grand
complication masterpiece is presented in a finely
crafted presentation case made of peat bog oak. A
stainless steel globe presides over the case, which
displays along its sides a series of maps evocative of
past and present adventures of discovery around the
world. When the exclusive timepiece is placed inside
the case, a highly sensitive integrated winding
mechanism ensures that the Grande Cosmopolite
Tourbillon remains wound running at all times.
Possible changes of the time zones will not cause a
problem for the master watchmakers and
construction engineers at Glashu
tte Original in the
near future. To the contrary, as a service to its
customers, the Saxon watch manufactory will gladly
exchange the city ring should there be a change to
the time zones in the future. A special
personalization is offered to the proud owner who
can have his home town – in the form of an IATA
code - printed on the city ring.
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