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his exciting edition of the RM 022
tourbillon “Aerodyne” Dual Time
honeycombed titanium aluminide and carbon
nanofiber baseplate with an equally innovative,
tough but lightweight case created from carbon
The RM 022 Carbon is produced in a limited
number of 5 pieces and will be available from
July 2012 at selected retailers in Europe, Middle
East, Africa, and Russia.
The case of the RM 022 Carbon is created by
the injection moulding of carbon nanotubes
under high pressure into a black polymer,
creating a robust composite. Carbon nanotubes
are extremely durable (200 times stronger than
steel) and exceptionally light. They are capable
of absorbing far stronger impacts than
traditional carbon fibre due to their structure
with its excellent surface-volume ratio.
The RM 022 Carbon measures 50 mm x 40
mm x 16.15 mm, which is significantly larger
than the standard RM 022 case.
The case is assembled with 20 Spline screws in
grade 5 titanium and abrasion resistant washers
in 316L stainless steel.
The Calibre RM022 is a manual winding
tourbillon movement with hours, minutes and
dual time zone on a transparent sapphire crystal
disc, which comes into view when suspended
above the light coloured field located at 3
o’clock. It also hosts a power reserve indicator
(70 hours) between 11 and 12 o’clock, a torque
indicator that shows the main spring’s internal
tension and a function selector to show the
watch’s state in each of the positions for
winding, neutral and hand setting.
Orthorhombic titanium aluminides are a new
group of alloys, developed from the main class
of titanium aluminides, which possess a specific
crystalline molecular structure ordered on the
orthorhombic phase of Ti2AlNb. Its use within
a honeycombed geometrical pattern was
originally the subject of research by NASA for
application as a core material on supersonic
aircraft wings, where resistance to extremely
high temperatures and torsion is paramount.
The alloy in this honeycombed form has
unparalleled stiffness, a low thermal expansion
coefficient and exceptional torsion resistance.
This new RM 022 Carbon is an understated
timepiece that epitomises the Richard Mille
philosophy, uniting the best of haute horlogerie
with innovative inspiration derived from the
most recent scientific research into superlight
weight metals and other materials.
If theDarkKnight aka
Batmancouldwear awatch,
itwouldbe the…
RichardMille has finally revealed the anticipated new
limited editionRM022Carbon