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or centuries, watchmakers have been cutting and engraving movement parts
to reveal their heart and endow them with a new aesthetic dimension. In
openworking or “skeletonworking” these new parts, they choose to highlight
their creations and their technical innovations. Blancpain pays tribute to a long line
of haute horlogerie adventurers with a unique, highly technical and aesthetically
accomplished timepiece.
The hand-wound Manufacture Calibre 1333SQ belongs to a family of movements
that have proven their worth in terms of sturdiness, reliability and precision. It is
equipped with a titanium balance, a Breguet balance-spring, and three series-coupled
barrels ensuring an eight-day power reserve. This entirely openworked and
decorated movement is fully visible through the two sapphire crystals on the front
and back of the 38 mm white gold case, which simply envelops it and accentuates
its light, airy design.
In the quest for harmony and transparency, the watchmaker is supported by three
artistic crafts: skeleton-working, chamfering (also known as bevelling) and
engraving. In openworking the movement, the artisan seeks to achieve the perfect
balance that will preserve the robustness and smooth operation of the calibre. This
involves paring the movements down to an extremely slender shape by dint of
several hours of filing and chamfering, using a broad range of traditional tools that
create a visually perfect result. The meticulous nature of this work is even more
remarkable in that the shapes chosen are arched and imply the complex process of
crafting a number of interior angles. The engraver adds a final touch in harmony
with the finest watchmaking traditions: the bridges and mainplate are adorned with
a scrolling motif that delightfully reflects and accentuates the rounded curves of the
barrels, case and bridges. The entire surface is thus engraved by hand right the way
through to the most tenuous of its parts.
Blancpain displays its expertise through this stunning timepiece enriching
the Villeret collection with an outstanding model that strikes a perfect
balance between skeleton-working, decoration and reliable functionality.