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he opening of this third store in the United Arab Emirates in partnership
with the Al Mana family demonstrates the dynamism of the house and its
capacity to nurture its fundamental values of independence, excellence and
Since we opened a store in the Burjuman Gardens Mall in Dubai in 2004, and in the
new Burj Dubai Mall in 2009, Hermès has witnessed this country's profound
understanding of the house’s fundamental values as well as its enthusiastic embrace
of our unique savoir-faire in the design and creation of exceptional objects.
Hermès has a passion for functional objects well-made and a reverence for long-lasting
creations and craftsmanship.
Time is our great ally in this task; the time for our craftsmen to bring to life the beauty
of their materials, and for our customers to appreciate the magic of our creations.
We hope that each visit to Hermes at The Avenue Abu Dhabi store, offers a glimpse
of the emotion and love invested in every Hermès object, and will surprise and inspire
our future and faithful clients in Abu Dhabi.
Today, it is with great pleasure that we begin this new adventure in this most cultivated
and forward-looking capital.
Patrick Thomas, 64, served as Managing Director of Hermès International from 1989
to 1997. He was Chairman of the Lancaster Group from 1997 to 2000, and then
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the British company WilliamGrant & Sons
from 2000 to 2003. He rejoined the Hermès group in 2003 as Managing Director. He
was named CEO of Hermès International when Jean-Louis Dumas stepped down as
Chief Executive Officer in 2004. True to the vision of the five generations before him,
Patrick Thomas is a devotee of a shared corporate philosophy coupled with a broad
delegation of authority. Under his leadership, Hermès has been organised into
independent, entrepreneurial, and innovative métiers, all linked by an overall artistic
direction common to the entire group. Patrick Thomas is a real credit to the brand
and we can only wish him and Hermès progressive prosperity, for now and the future.
Simply Abu Dhabi loves the Hermès brand.