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Rising elegantly in front of the waves, the towers – like the guests who stay
here – exude style, confidence, and sophistication. And inside, too, each of
the five towers is the very epitome of luxury. One of them contains 46,000
square metres (495,140 square feet) of leasable and very prestigious office
space, and three others house exquisite apartments – 885 in total – along
with an observation deck. And the four-level podium that joins the towers
together features amazing contemporary restaurants and high end shopping
at a selection of over 30 premium boutiques.
But we haven’t even mentioned the tower we were most interested in.
Rising to an incredible height of 280m, the tallest of the five was the one
which we would be staying in on our trip of a lifetime. And as we gazed up
at it, we still couldn’t quite believe that we were going to be in one of the
most sumptuous luxury hotels we’ve ever seen – Jumeirah at Etihad Towers.
The portfolio of hotels and resorts operated by the Jumeirah Group, the
Dubai-based luxury hospitality company that is a member of Dubai
Holding, is regarded as being among the most luxurious and innovative in
the world. We’re delighted that the renowned group now has a presence in
Abu Dhabi.
The personal touch
The dramatic sculptural forms of the towers are beautiful in themselves.
But only when you get inside do you realise that the sophisticated and
contemporary feel extends to the interior design as well. The motto of the
hotel is “Stay Different™” – and it’s an idea that infuses every part of its
design. Naturally, the finishings are all of the very highest opulence, but
what we loved most of all is that the designers also understand that it’s
personality that turns something from ‘good’ into ‘world class’. So, in the
public areas of the hotel, you’ll find that the art displayed conveys a local