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2012 - 2013
lack & white snapshots of an urban skyline. A brisk pace across
the streets of the metropolis. He is a rigorous aesthete, defined
by his sculptured attire of an overcoat made of alpaca or
astrakhan lined cloth with the impeccable tailoring of a constructed
jacket: bold shoulders, crisp silhouette, double-fillet vertical pockets
and ample lapels.
Savoir vivre is a question of knowing how to choose. As a serious
collector of beautiful things, his inclination is reflected in his sharp
wardrobe, where traditional fabrics rediscover their modernity, where
pure forms encounter richly textured materials. Printed velvets,
cashmere, double-sided woollen cloth, alpaca weaves alluding to
ponyskin and bouclé effects resembling fur.
The colour palette has a cosmopolitan flavour that weaves together the
deep tones of greys, blues and blacks, and then juxtaposes and blends
them; rigorously isolated but intensified by flashes of more vibrant
colour: violet, Klein blue and green.
Sophisticated playful graphics enliven knitwear with geometrical necks,
worn layered with contrasting tailored shirts. The patterns suggest
artists’ canvasses or reproduced jacquards generated by the
decomposition of solids, or again, re-invented chevron weaves, broken
versions of houndstooth and herringbone, teazling and fur stitches,
producing never-ending trompe l’oeil effects.
The evening lights up with the opalescence of velvets, in tones of blue
and red, experimenting with the subtly eccentric elegance of outsize
moiré. He has his hair combed back, this contemporary dandy, he wears
glasses and an electric blue tuxedo (with tie or bowtie), a collarless jacket
with grosgrain detailing, sophisticated cufflinks or jewel buttons and -
sole concession to vanity - a signet ring.
In line with his dynamic allure, flat bags with essential lines and highly
refined construction, designed for business or travel. They include a
briefcase, a clutch and an iPad holder made of soft calf with a contrasting
leather lining.
On his feet, the excellence of Ferragamo craftsmanship finds its most
exclusive expression in the Tramezza Special Edition: an absolutely
modern form, hand painted, with squared lines, graceful stitching and
the distinguishing feature of a metallic heel profile.
A new contemporary aesthetic reflecting a style rooted in culture and
personality: the Salvatore Ferragamo Collection for Autumn Winter
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