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La Maison Shawish is pushing the
boundaries of luxury by offering its
Magic Mushroom collection and the
most expensive USB key in the world.
hawish continues to innovate and bring luxury where no one would
expect it, in the world of high technology, by featuring a USB key entirely
set with gemstones and diamonds.
One of the founders, and the creator of Shawish jewellery, Mohamed Shawesh,
knows how to amaze the world of jewels by redefining the traditional
boundaries of the jewel industry once again. The Magic Mushroom USB key
becomes a fantastic jewel-case to carry out our secret files, our wildest dreams
and our highest aspirations. By presenting the Magic Mushroom USB key,
Shawish jewellery reminds us that luxury and high tech form a duo of
excellence. The particular care brought to the realization of these 32 Gb USB
keys is making the case as much as the content, a work of art.
A contemporary and mischievous world
For Mohamed Shawesh, “the sparkle of gemstones is taking us all to a magical
world where dreams come true. And the choice of the mushroom form is not
trivial. A mushroom takes us back to our childhood and makes us look at the
world through eyes of wonder. To associate it to a USB key, which is today the
symbol of the excellence of Youth, makes a lot of sense.”
A world of perfection
The quality of its stones, its rigorous manufacturing processes and the care taken
to complete each piece makes Shawish a first-rate jewellery house, in line with
its founders’ vision.
Technical details
• USB key of 32 Gig each
• Diamond Magic Mushroom :
• White Gold
• 9,18 carats diamonds
• 0.46 carat emerald
Sapphires Magic Mushroom:
• Pink Gold
• 0.42 carat diamond
• 11.35 carats pink sapphires
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