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VIP suites, a Bridal Suite, a Business Centre and an Events Showroom –
and all the rooms are situated on the same Podium 4 Level. The design is
intended to enable the seamless coordination of events, and to allow guests
and delegates to flow uninterrupted between different areas. Of course, it
also has the additional advantage of providing privacy for corporate and social
So if you want to leave your guests and conference delegates with an
experience they won’t forget, I can’t think of any better venue.
Personalised service
Clearly, the Centre would provide an ideal location for hosting a sumptuous
event. But what we think really makes it a venue of the very first rank is the
way the service can be individualised. Following the hotel’s “Stay
Different™” approach, bespoke services and tailored settings allow clients
to add their own individualised splash of colour.
If you arrange an event at the Jumeirah’s conference centre, a dedicated event
planner is on hand before, during and afterwards to provide professional
assistance, expertise and guidance. Clients have the freedom to personalise
colour schemes and create design themes, with a bespoke service that
extends to even the smallest details. The Jumeirah has an astonishing
hospitality inventory, comprising 317,000 quality European-designed
silverware, glassware and dining ware items, as well as Italian linen and other
carefully crafted decorator items. The Jumeirah’s dedicated Events
Showroom provides clients with an eclectic selection of these pieces, which
they can browse and select from for their event.
The personalised support for banquet events extends from coordinating the
setting through to the dining itself. Various banqueting menus and “kits” –
devised using the staff’s considerable experience and expertise – are provided
as examples, but clients are encouraged to individualise their menus, based
on their own personal tastes and specified themes. In a lovely modern touch,
a full menu of food and beverage choices is available on iPads for perusal.
And this isn’t the only way that the hotel employs the latest technology to
help clients. When you visit for an on-site consultation, spaces can be
designed then and there, providing a visual mock-up of how they will appear
on the day – and you can take copies of the plan away with you to consider
in your own time.
Fine theatre
Because the Centre’s audio-visual technology is state-of-the-art, it requires
AV experts to assist organisers – both in the planning stages and during the
event. That’s why the hotel has partnered with the American SWANK
organisation, an international leader in event AV operations. The
organisation has a permanent presence at the property, and is available
throughout events to provide the necessary professional technical support.
As we learned about this hugely impressive service, what certainly came
through to us loud and clear was that the Jumeirah team had an incredibly
close understanding of the needs of their clients. They know that special
events, conferences and weddings require considerable organisation and
coordination: not only in the pre-event stages, but throughout and even after
the event itself. That’s why the hire of the Mezzoon Ballroom automatically
provides event organisers with a dedicated “Planning Office”, also located
on the Podium 4 Level, from which events can be carefully choreographed
and orchestrated, and where any last-minute requirements and adjustments