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can be conveniently accommodated. A VIP Suite and specialised video
conferencing room are also available on the same Podium 4 Level.
We were told that the Jumeirah does not only want to help its clients host
events, but also to orchestrate “fine theatre”. And having discovered all
that they have to offer, we can certainly believe that: the Centre is
passionate about supporting clients to “Stay Different™”. To provide such
an intensive, personal service is no easy business. But we’re convinced
that the team here can pull it off in style. It’s clear that they have a passion
for hosting innovative, creative and exciting events, and the expertise and
experience to ensure the brand and personal integrity of their clients.
Impressive team
The Director of Conference and Events at the Jumeirah is Heather
Galbraith, who has over 16 years of hotel conferencing, sales and
marketing experience within the UK andUAE. Over this time, Galbraith
has gained a reputation for being an excellent communicator who is
motivated to achieve and exceed the goals and expectations of clients.
The backgrounds of the culinary team are equally impressive. Executive
Chef Loughlin Druhan is dynamic, creative, imaginative – and seasoned
with over seven years professional culinary experience within the Middle
East alone. Druhan has had a truly globetrotting career that has spanned
the continents of Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. He has a broad
experience of gourmet traditions across the world, including
Mediterranean, Asian, Indian, Persian and European cuisine. Heading a
team of 200 chefs from 15 different nationalities, Druhan has said that
his aim is to create exceptional gourmet experiences, fused from the
freshest produce and the culinary magic generated from the expertise of
his professional chefs. But equally, he wants to ensure that guests are taken
on an epicurean journey into the familiar-with-a-twist, the new, the
exciting and even the surprising.
Supporting Executive Chef Loughlin is Executive Sous Chef Neil David
Foster, whose own distinguished culinary career extends back more than
24 years. Having held previous positions at luxury hotels and resorts
within Europe, Foster has a passion, dedication and flair for producing
localised rustic dishes and infusing them with modern European
influences. Alongside Druhan and Foster, a multinational pool of
experienced Chefs de Cuisine have also been appointed to head up a
banqueting team that totals 51 chefs. They are all passionate about
bringing a new bespoke banqueting approach to Abu Dhabi and the
Middle East. The team want to create an imaginative and exciting new
banqueting product. They want to inspire clients to not only to choose
their menus, but also to create their own – using the Banqueting Selector
Menu guidelines.
These Banqueting Selector Menus sound like a really good idea. Within
them, we are sure to see cuisines merged from different gourmet fields
to become as individual as the guests dining at the hotel. Chef Nidal
Daou, who takes a lead on Lebanese and Arabic cuisine styles, Chef Paul
Lewis from Australia, and Chef Marcus Dunga from the Philippines are
just a few of the expert gourmet staff who work to deliver an unforgettable
event experience. There are seven state-of-the art kitchens at the heart of
the operation, producing a myriad of flavours from the Middle East,
Spain, France, Italy, Asia Pacific and Morocco – to name just a few. To
give just one example of the kitchens’ range, we heard that they make