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welcome, promoting an atmosphere of friendliness and comfort. For us, the
Rosewater restaurant encapsulated these heartfelt traditions, enlivening our tastebuds
with authentic and much-loved flavours from home and abroad. Rosewater’s chefs
come from around the world, creating gourmet experiences from the traditions of
their own homelands and cultures. You can see this clearly in the range of dishes on
offer: the menu includes Indian, Arabic, Asian and European cuisine.
We loved Rosewater’s live cooking stations – not only did they make sure we ate
truly fresh food cooked according to our own personal preferences, but they also
allowed us to interact with our chefs directly. The chefs are really passionate about
food: they love preparing and eating it, and they love to talk about it, too! They were
incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining, telling us about the nutritional and
dietary make-up of each dish, calorie content, where each ingredient is sourced from,
and even the cooking steps involved. If you want, they will provide you with a
printout of the information right there!
Stylish and welcoming
Then there’s a whole host of other casual dining restaurants, like Brasserie
Angélique, which offers classic French home-style cuisine, and Tori No Su, a stylish
Japanese restaurant and lounge. Even if you don’t want a big meal, there are some
fantastic options. The Lobby Lounge is perfect for light snacks, which can be sampled
under the beauty of high ceilings, spectacular chandeliers and intricate marble
finishing touches. We enjoyed the lovely cupcakes so much that we’ve given them
a feature all of their own (turn to page 42).
For quenching their thirst, too, guests are spoiled for choice. The Lobby Bar has a
wonderful location next to the Lobby Lounge, and there’s also a great pool bar. Our
favourite, though, would have to be the lavishly appointed Ray’s Bar, on the 62nd
floor. The appeal of Ray’s is simple: it has stunning Corniche and cityscape views,
and one of the best quality beverage selections in the UAE.