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We were delighted to find a superb range of tempting, non-alcoholic
drinks on the menu. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and the
service is, as you would expect, first class. Ray’s bar is stylish and
welcoming. It seemed to us that it would be the perfect place for
socialising with friends and colleagues – or even to enjoy a quiet
drink on one’s own. So even though we still couldn’t answer that
elusive question – just who is Ray? – we were agreed that his bar
was incredible.
Even that experience, though, couldn’t match one that was so good
we’ve saved it until last to tell you about: the wonderful Talise Spa.
This spa is something special – it’s a real escape from the outside
world and a chance to recharge the batteries. It’s a haven of
tranquillity – but what marks the Talise Spa out is again that all-
important personal touch. As soon as you arrive, you meet your
personal therapist, who takes you to one of 13 private Treatment
Suites. These suites are absolutely sublime: each one is equipped
with specialised treatment areas, a wet area, a changing room and
free standing African rosewood plunge baths. It’s your own private
sanctum of calmness and relaxation.
In today’s world, we rarely have time for ourselves, and that’s why
this kind of indulgent relaxation and wellness experience is so
invigorating. And what the Talise Spa team realise is that deep
relaxation necessitates privacy and care – and this attitude is shown
throughout the spa. The lighting and background musical elements
are beautifully subtle. We were told that they had been carefully