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bu Dhabi is renowned across the world
as a centre for style and cuisine. And
now the talented team at the Jumeirah
at Etihad Towers hotel have launched a brilliant
new product that is taking them to the very
pinnacle of both these fields. If you haven’t yet
sampled some of the exquisite new range of
“Gourmet Fashion Cupcakes” at the Jumeirah,
we suggest that you do so as soon as you can.
These sweet delights are certainly going to sell
very quickly indeed.
The cakes hold out a tantalising appeal both to
the eye and to the taste buds. The beautiful
designs, which celebrate the latest trends in
handbag styles – are really witty and fun. And the
cakes come in a range of wonderfully decadent
flavours, too. I found the Vanilla Yoghurt
cupcake absolutely delicious, while Jordana was
equally pleased with her Blueberry Cheese
flavour variety. And the other luxurious flavours
– which included Double Chocolate Chip,
Orange Pistachio and Date Banana Toffee –
looked equally mouthwatering. Ok, we admit it
– we went back and tried them all...
There are more marvellously cute cake designs
planned soon. Next up will be a range of
designer edible shoes – set to debut in the
coming months. I’m sure that this next range of
tasty cupcakes will also win the hearts and palates
of Abu Dhabi’s style gurus and gourmets alike.
The cakes are exclusively available at the Abu
Dhabi hotel’s Lobby Lounge casual restaurant.
They were developed by the Jumeirah at Etihad
Towers’ culinary team – the result of months of
development, innovation and trial tasting. Nice
work if you can get it!
We found these wonderful treats irresistible and
fun – a real temptation every time we walked
past the Lobby Lounge. They were clear
evidence that the Jumeirah is living up to its
promise to “Stay Different™”. Special take-
home packaged sets are also available in
multiples of 3 and 6 – and, needless to say, we
took some home.