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feeling of inspiration strikes you as soon as you walk into Quest. This
wonderful signature restaurant is on the 63rd floor of the Jumeirah
at Etihad Towers hotel, and the views are nothing short of
phenomenal: there’s a 360-degree panorama over Abu Dhabi, the Corniche
and the Arabian Gulf.
On our visit, an atmosphere of pure class was set from the very outset. Jordana
and I were seated at an exquisitely laid table, with a fine white linen tablecloth,
stylish crockery and lovely white flowers. On a beautifully clear evening, we
could look out of the window beside us and see the bright lights of the buzzing
city below. We felt as if we were sharing in Abu Dhabi’s pulsating energy, yet
at the same time peacefully floating above it.
It was the perfect venue for enjoying Quest’s sumptuous food. Our charming
waiter explained the menu to us. Quest is a pan-Asian restaurant that brings
together influences fromChina, Malaysia, and Japan. There’s a relatively small
number of dishes, but that focus is deliberate. The restaurant’s philosophy ties
in with the minimalist design: it’s about quality, not quantity.
Superb ingredients
I went for our waiter’s recommendation of the miso soup – and it turned out
to be an excellent choice, both warming and refreshing. I loved the imaginative
way in which the dish was served, too: the dry ingredients were brought to the
table, and then the steaming broth poured over them right before us. This
theatre made the soup taste even more delicious. The ingredients were all
superb, but for me, the seaweed in particular stood out as belonging to the very
highest class. Jordana opted for a yam pak salad of mixed fruit and vegetables.
This, too, was exceptionally good – really spicy, juicy and crunchy. Star anise
and soy sauce were the perfect complement to the fruit’s sweetness.
Having begun our meals in such an impressive fashion, we then had a chance
to sit back and examine the roommore closely. The space is dominated by the
large open kitchen, with tables lining the edge of the room. There are also small
private dining rooms. To us, this design was a great idea, allowing diners to
experience the fabulous views at their best.
We were intrigued by the name “Quest”, and so we asked the waiter what was
meant by it. He explained that it’s because people often hatch new plans and
quests around a table of quality food and beverages. It’s when we get into long,
engaging conversations about future possibilities with loved ones, friends or
business associates that we are at our happiest, and new ambitions form.
Quest’s chef, BenjaminWhatt, has said that he wants to recreate the excitement
generated from those special moments in time up here on the Jumeirah’s 63rd
floor. He has already gained a reputation for being able to transform the freshest
ingredients of the day into contemporary Asian masterpieces. And he does this
not only to provide guests with amazing gourmet experiences, but also to
encourage the kind of fertile conversation that gets new projects and ideas off
the ground.
The staff hard at work in the kitchen can enjoy the superb location, too. This
is certainly a “kitchen with a view”: in fact, it’s probably the best kitchen view
in the UAE. That might seem irrelevant, but in my opinion it’s an important
aspect of the restaurant. It means that the chefs preparing your food can feel
the same kind of inspiration that we felt looking out over the coast. We could
see that the restaurant’s cuisine and interior design, as well as the stunning
views from its ideal level 63 location, were filling diners all around us with
inspiration, energy and imagination. In this kind of atmosphere, it really does
seem that each dish is prepared with “a salute to a future of possibilities”.
The Quest restaurant on the 63rd floor of the Jumeirah at
Etihad towers hotel provides guests with an utterly
inspirational dining experience