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It is true. We spend so much of our lives watching the clock, or plugged
into the virtual online world – even when we are enjoying luxurious and
sumptuous experiences – that we sometimes forget that we need some
peace and quiet, too. And having gained this insight, we really took our
time over the welcome tea ritual, which is also a key part of the arrival
experience here. We relished each sip of the delicious, delicately flavoured
Spa Blend, which was served in exquisite china cups. And soon we were
already beginning to feel restored.
The legacy of the name Iridium goes back to the IridiumRoom at the St
Regis Hotel in New York in 1938. When we asked about the name, we
were told that the Iridium Spa brand is inspired by the preciousness of
the metal for which it is named. “Iridium” literally means “of rainbows,”
and is derived from the name of the Greek mythological goddess Iris,
who transcends sea and sky as a messenger and is manifested as a rainbow.
And today, iridium itself is one of the most precious and rarest metals on
Earth, and shines with an iridescent glow in a whole spectrum of
beautiful colours. The Iridium Spa is designed to provide an equally rare
spectrum of experiences – and in that, it is certainly successful.
Revitalising treatments
The astonishing range of treatments here cleverly combines the best of
both worlds, blending wise traditional remedies with sophisticated
modern technologies. And all are available in the spa’s expansive 3,500
square metre (37,674 square feet) facility. Guests can choose to receive
these treatments in one of three, individually-themed Spa Suites – each
of which has beautiful private terraces and gorgeous pools.
We couldn’t resist taking a look around. The Moroccan Suite is richly
designed in exquisite gold and beautiful bronze, as well as other metals
and glass, while the Contemporary Suite showcases sublime white fur,
classy leather and sparkling modern crystal. However, we opted for the
Thai Suite: we felt that its natural bamboo and jade design offered the
very epitome of the relaxation we sought.