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The sensation that time was melting away was enhanced by the beautiful decor.
Like the other suites, the Thai Suite offers a range of soothing massages,
revitalising facials, couples services, and expertly-designed relaxation programmes,
in addition to Vichy showers, ayurvedic treatments, and Thai and Balinese
specialty treatments.
One of the most exciting offerings at the Iridium spa is the “Spa around the World
Treatments”, which unlock the secrets of nature across the globe. The Asia-
inspired ShiTao Treatment for the body and face uses shiatsu techniques and
heated lava stones; the immense healing powers of the African marula tree are
discovered with the Khanya Energy massage; while the Beleza Vitality Treatment
really captures Brazilians’ zest for life.
The range available also includes wonderful options like a SeaCreation massage
with tiger shells, and an intensive HSR lifting anti-aging treatment. And each of
this variety of options is, as you would expect, customised to suit each person’s
skin types and needs.
Individual moments
What makes the St Regis Spa stand out is that it believes individual moments are
key to the experience of its guests, and tailors its treatment methods accordingly.
The talented and sensitive staff here can guide guests through a spectrum of
moods – whether they wish to be energised or simply wind down. Naturally, we
wanted to unwind after a luxurious but hectic few weeks, and we found that the
Iridium team provided expert guidance to suit our needs.
Due to the stresses of work, I have a tendency to experience some muscle tension.
I was recommended the Swedish massage, and found it to be exactly the remedy
I needed. Jordana also said that she felt supremely relaxed after her reflexology
treatment. Reflexology is based on the idea that reflexes in the hands and feet
relate to every organ, gland, and system of the body. This is the kind of holistic
view that we can sometimes forget in the rush of modern life. But when we have
time to think about it, it seems eminently sensible: rather than treating an ache
here or a pain there, we need to think about the body’s overall health and balance.