Time is perhaps
themost precious
luxury of all.
ut just what is it? Time is a continuing
sequence of events occurring in apparently
irreversible succession– fromthepast through
thepresent to the future. It is ameasureof thedurations
and frequencies of events and the intervals between
It is fundamental to being human. So it is no surprise
that time has long been a major subject of study in
religion, philosophy, and science – but defining it in a
manner applicable to all fields, without circularity, has
consistently eluded scholars.
Diverse fields such as business, industry, sports, the
sciences, music, dance, and theatre nevertheless all
incorporate some notion of time into their respective
measuring systems. Perhaps we can do no better than
simpledefinitions of time, suchas: "time iswhat clocks
measure"; and "time is what keeps everything from
happening at once”.
Horology (from the Greek:
, "
hour, time" and
logos, "study, speech", literallymeans the study
of time. Fortunately, keeping track of time is simpler
than defining and studying it, and a wide variety of
devices have been invented to do just that, among
them: clocks,watches, clockwork, sundials, clepsydras,
timers, time recorders andmarine chronometers.
A&J take a look at the world’s finest time keepers and
share their stunning visual beauty with you.