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House of Gilan: introducing the
family-owned luxury jeweller
The history of the house of Gilan is
moving with the fast pace of the new
century, and its lovers of luxury...
he story of the Gilan family and its love affair
with luxury begin in the town of Gilan, where
two generations ago the grandmother of the
founders was head seamstress for the Ottoman pashas.
It picks up again, in 1980 in the city of Bursa, where
brothers Muharrem and Ferhan Gilan opened a 1.5
square metre jewellery store, working as wholesalers.
Their hereditary passion for design and luxury led them
to move to Istanbul, and to set up the basis of Gilan –
which is today the number one name in fine jewellery in
The brothers gathered a powerful creative design team,
including some of the most skilled craftsmen in Istanbul,
with the aim of creating sublime contemporary
collections to bring the opulence of the Sultan’s Court to
the 21st century.
In 2001, Gilan opened its first international location in
New York, starting with exclusive “by appointment” sales,
and the brand’s ongoing success there means that the
jewellery house is now celebrating its 10th anniversary in
the US. Gilan designs are also available in other exclusive
locations where lovers of luxury gather: Paris,
Courchevel, Saint-Tropez, Megève and Bahrain.
Gilan’s journey, from a small atelier in Istanbul to the
international luxury house of the 21st century, is the
achievement and logical outcome of a thirty year old story
of dreams, success, passion and timeless values.
Timeless: when the magic of the East
marries the energy of the West
The driving force behind Gilan is a creative vision that
brings a new and dynamic perspective to the rich
jewellery-making traditions of Istanbul, the “queen” of
the cities that has been at the heart of the Roman,
Byzantine and Ottoman empires and cultures.
Although the house is now international, the soul of its
creations belongs to Gilan’s master jewellers in Istanbul.
Gilan’s workshop in the city has total control of the
creative and production process. Muharrem and Ferhan
Gilan have always been committed to working with the
finest artisans, and are proud to use the traditional
techniques that have made the fine jewellery of Istanbul
and its region distinctive and world famous.
Through its innovation and creativity, the house
continues to celebrate Istanbul’s rich heritage while
creating for the 21st century woman: a jewellery
connoisseur who seeks out one-of-a-kind striking design,
flawless quality and strong emotion.
Today, Gilan captivates the world of fashion, cinema and
music – and some of the world’s most beautiful women.
Following the example of Istanbul’s most stylish ladies,
world-famous celebrities and leading members of
international society now make Gilan their jeweller of
choice. Nicole Kidman, Christina Aguilera, Salma Hayek
and Penelope Cruz are just a few names to mention.
Innovation, family values, and passion for beauty are
some of the key words that can define Gilan. The two
brothers have created a unique identity for their brand,
which inspires in its devotees a special sense of pleasure,
ownership and belonging.
Mr. Muharrem Gilan
Tulip of Love necklace in sapphire, emerald, paraiba
tourmaline and white diamond from the Journey To
Dreams Collection.