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Topkapi Palace
In 1999, Gilan was granted the opportunity to sponsor the
renovation of four rooms of the world-famous Topkapi Palace
Treasury Hall in Istanbul.
This was the best way not only to express Gilan’s respect for
the 3,000-year tradition of Turkish jewellery-making mastery,
but also to ensure that this valuable heritage was preserved for
future generations. Among these treasures, the spoonmaker’s
diamond, also known as the Kasikci, is one of the prides of the
Topkapi palace Museum. This unique 86 carat pear-shaped
diamond is said to have belonged to Napoleon’s mother.
The rooms of the Topkapi Treasury, the third-largest treasury
in the world, were, thanks to Gilan, renovated to their former
Style is timeless, and the Gilan flair for design and innovation
inspires collections that stand out: not just beautiful to look
at, these creations also have soul. Every year, Gilan creates a
new collection. Each of them has become a classic that is
eagerly awaited by its devotees and enhances the brand
The Gilan Heritage Collection
Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul and the fabulous
Topkapi palace…
Gilan pays homage to the birthplace of pleasure, beauty and
luxury with this collection. Each piece tells a narrative of
whimsy and adventure dating back to 15th century Istanbul,
incorporating motifs and techniques derived from the circle
of craftsmen working for the Palace. This combination of rose
cut diamonds, set in silver with detailed engraving work on a
yellow gold back, has become one of the signature looks of
the house. Only very few craftsmen ever master this exclusive
Rose cut diamond is a classic among diamond-cutting styles.
It is believed to have been created by Dutch diamond cutters
during the 16th century. This shape of diamond was dominant
in Europe and the Orient until the mid 20th century, and is
currently experiencing a long-overdue comeback.
The Journey To Dreams Collection
Gilan’s new Journey to Dreams collection is a celebration of
one of history’s most renowned routes – the Silk Road. The
long and exciting journey on the Silk Road that introduced
the magnificent silks of Orient to the western world has been
the inspiration behind unique pieces of jewellery. These reflect
the motifs from fairy tales and classical stories: fairies,
butterflies, caravansaries, love potions and legends.
The Colours of Emotion Collection
This stunning collection offers a shimmering journey into the
colours of the city – Istanbul’s colours and passions, its magic
and its secrets, its fables and its inspirations. This new
collection from Gilan is inspired by Istanbul: Colours of
Emotion. With this new collection, Gilan takes us on a journey
that travels through Istanbul’s magical fables and its glowing
colours. The collection has four different themes that reflect
the stories of passionate loves of Istanbul in different colours.
The Bosphorus Dreams Collection
When the magic of the East marries the energy of the West...
This collection pays homage to the duality of the great sea –
its banks so different, and yet flowing together in harmony.
Gilan emphasises the duality and diversity of the banks with
design, such as the use of asymmetry and the visual effects of
pure lines that complement each other despite never meeting.
The diversity of cultures which spring fom the interaction of
two continents, and the mutual respect and enchanting
surprises that result from this, are symbolised by the fresh
combinations of different precious metals and stones. The
high jewellery creations recreate the life and emotion of the
ever-moving waters with exceptional craftmanship and
The Phoenix Collection
The extraordinarily beautiful Phoenix Collection draws its
inspiration from the ancient and mythical Phoenix legend of
resurrection and immortality.
The Saressa Collection
Inspired by the eagle that, according to the legend, protected
an ancient Hittite Queen and her subjects, the Saressa
Collection uses bold designs to create a dramatic and spiritual
statement. Wings of emotions, delicate and strong, and
offering dreams of flight, these symbols of freedom are
The Cintemani Collection
Of Buddhist origin, this symbol is composed of three circles
along with two flowing lines. One of the most striking motifs
in Ottoman Art, Cintemani was a symbol of power and
strength. The three dots were compared to the leopard’s spots,
and the curving lines to a tiger’s markings. A tribute to ancient
cultures, for Gilan this motive behind this collection is also an
ode to modernity and femininity.
Bejewelled decorative objects
Because the passion for beauty and hospitality is a key part of
the Gilan DNA, the house has created a collection of
decorative objects: champagne flutes and wine glasses made
of crystal, white gold and diamonds; and whimsical objects
born from customers’ dreams.
Some moments in life must be celebrated: they can be
planned or spontaneous, but are always full of emotion.
Gilan’s unique objects enhance the emotion and make
precious fleeting moments even more special.
For the founders of Gilan, staying true to their Istanbul
heritage, there is no greater art than the art of giving. This
message from the heart is what makes Gilan creations such
perfect gifts.
Topkapi Palace by night