The Sleeping Beauty earrings boast a myriad of
colours reflected through the perfect marriage of
a set of precious and fine stones. The earrings
comprise of two exciting and dissimilar pieces
for the ears; the first holds a bird flapping its
wings in round emeralds and tsavorites and
carrying two flowers, a purple one with rose-cut
pear-shaped amethysts and the other made of
paraibas tourmalines of the same cut. Facing this
bird is its friend on the other ear but in a warmer
colour palette, with ravishing rubies and pink
sapphires. The flowers it carries are mellow and
sweet with rose-cut pear-shaped yellow and pink
sapphires. We’re sure even Sleeping Beauty
would agree that if you are wearing these
enchanting earrings, slumber can wait!
Snow White is portrayed through a dazzling
Apple ring in rose and white gold. One delicate
leaf paved with round emeralds and tsavorites
tethered on a stem which holds rare and round
brown diamonds. The ring enrobes the wearer’s
finger entirely and is paved with beautiful
round-cut rubies which bring out the bold hue
of the perfect red apple. This is a creation not
even Snow White could resist, because neither
can we!
Tiana’s necklace takes inspiration from the
floating flowers on which Tiana and her Prince
fromThe Princess and the Frog floated upon on
their quest to end a spell. The baby blue flowers
made of briolette-cut paraibas tourmalines
instantly remind you of the powder blue gown
worn by Tiana on the night she met her Prince.
This high jewellery creation was designed as a
visual melody, from one tourmaline flower, via
an emerald branch, across a pearl, a tsavorite
bridge and on to the next paraibas flower – the
precious and fine stones appear to be in a jazzy
harmony. Tiana never forgot what was important
to her; this floral marvel is a tribute to her
journey into the realisation of her dreams.