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t the dawn of the 21st century, the eyes of the world’s
Luxuristas’ are riveted on China. The ancient nation is
embarking on an extraordinary path of unrivalled
economic growth, unmatched modernisation and phenomenal
projects on a world-beating scale.
While the entire West hurls itself towards the Far &Middle East,
anxious that it will miss the consumerist train as it finally pulls
out of the platform, Shanghai Tang departs on a road leading the
world towards a new design movement. Like all the best major
international brands, Shanghai Tang has flagship boutiques in the
shopping capitals of the world. However, its message is unique
and remarkable: Shanghai Tang creates luxurious, modern
Chinese chic with themes deeply rooted in ancient and authentic
Chinese culture – from calligraphy to The Silk Road to Chinese
contemporary art.
At its inception in 1994, Shanghai Tang
s Hong Kong boutique
attracted over one million visitors. By 2000, store visits had
surpassed four million. An Imperial Tailoring Service staffed by
Shanghainese tailors offered a made-to-measure clothing service
in the finest tradition of old-fashioned tailoring, with painstaking
attention to detail, craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics and the most
amazing fit.
Today, Shanghai Tang is arguably the only Chinese luxury
lifestyle and fashion brand: the apogee of the Chinese art of living
and Chinese creativity. The inspiring product offer includes a
full range of clothing for men, women and children, in addition
to home furnishings, accessories and gifts. And across all the
ranges Shanghai Tang
s products are renowned for combining
traditional Chinese design and motifs with tongue-in-cheek
humour and a contemporary sensibility.
The design mission of the brand is to revitalise Chinese
innovation by interweaving it with the dynamism of the 21st
century, producing a vibrant and witty take on the fusion concept.
Shanghai Tang
s global network of boutiques includes Shanghai,
New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Singapore, to name
a few, offering discerning shoppers a one-of-a-kind experience
of the Shanghai Tang lifestyle.
Raphael le Masne de Chermont has been the Executive
Chairman of Shanghai Tang since September 2001. He is the
driving force behind the brand’s global expansion, and has
positioned the brand as the first authentic Chinese luxury
lifestyle brand. Shanghai Tang, the arbiter of modern Chinese
chic, is a full lifestyle concept comprising fashion, accessories,
home, furnishings, and tailoring services ‘inspired by Chinese’.