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Majestic gold in the nectar of absolute sensuality,’ says MartineMicallef. ‘Ylang
in Gold’ is the third perfume in the Micallef Jewel collection, following the
Jewel for Her’ and ‘Jewel for Him.’
Gold, traditionally the imperial color symbolising wealth and happiness, gives the
perfume its majestic aura. The ‘Ylang in Gold’ leaves a veil of delicate and refined
nacreous golden powder shimmering on the skin. The feeling of being adorned by a mist
of gold infused in stunning aromas of natural Ylang-Ylang in the heart leaves one
It’s a sure bet that M. Micallef will go the extra mile to make sure that every new creation
is better than its precursor, and M. Micallef ‘Ylang in Gold’ has proven to be the best of
everything so far. Needless to say, the bottle is an excellent work of art. Martine Micallef
spares no effort to leave her artistic signature on every M. Micallef bottle. Studded with
Swarovski crystals designed exclusively for the House, the flacon is a lavish accessory for
the women of choice, and is as captivating as its contents.
The mystical Ylang-Ylang, the most sought-after natural fragrance, has been part of M.
Micallef’s high-end perfumes. But the ‘Ylang in Gold’ delivers a stronger note of the
precious Ylang-Ylang, resembling a freshly picked bouquet of fragrant flowers, giving
you that unmatched sweet and delicate fruity yet floral romantic aroma, a real winner.
Following the pure French tradition of luxury and quality, M. Micallef fragrances uses
only the best of everything natural, with limited amounts of the highest-quality synthetics.
M. Micallef ‘Ylang in Gold’ opens on the fizzing notes of sweet Tangerine Orange,
Geranium and Artemisia, followed by a warm and seductive accord of Rose, Sandalwood,
Lily of the Valley, Magnolia, and the rare and precious Ylang-Ylang. The base is a
refreshing blend of Coconut, soothing Vanilla and sensual Musk.
With an outstanding longevity, the ‘Ylang in Gold’ is undoubtedly one of the ‘must have’
fragrances for the summer/spring time.
French artistry comes
to theUAE; The
Ylang inGold
From the House of M.
Micallef comes yet another
beautiful fragrance, the
Ylang in Gold,' which
recently was unveiled at Paris
Gallery, the leading luxury
retailer in the UAE